Iain Duncan Smith’s top special adviser has been awarded a peerage — on the same day that the DWP finally admitted that thousands of people have died shortly after being declared ‘fit for work’.

Philippa Stroud has been at IDS’ side for years and shares the blame for many of the Tories’ social policies. The department had fought for months to prevent release of the damning stats — at one point telling parliament that they didn’t exist:

“between December 2011 and February 2014, 2,380 people died after their Work Capability Assessment told them they should start looking for work.”

The publication of this information on the same day of the biggest on-diary political event of the summer — the dissolution peers list — is, of course, no coincidence.

This is surely the first time a department has buried bad news under an announcement including a peerage for one of their own SpAds.

  1. please please look at this blog which has 34 points about IDS http://the-klaxon.blogspot.co.uk/

    point no. 30)
    30) Phillipa Stroud is the head of the Centre for Social Justice, the right wing thinktank set up by Iain Duncan Smith in 2004. Conservative high-flyer Philippa Stroud founded a church that tried to ‘cure’ homosexuals by driving out their ‘demons. She frequently lobbies IDS’s department on behalf of the Centre for Social Justice. Philippa Stroud stood as a Conservative candidate for Sutton and Cheam in the 2010 election. For her role as special adviser to Duncan Smith, Stroud is paid an annual salary of £94,000. Believes in “joyful female submission”.

    “Rising Tory star Philippa Stroud ran prayer sessions to ‘cure’ gay people”
    Jamie Doward, Cal Flyn and Richard Rogers, 26 May 2010

    “Iain Duncan Smith adviser being paid by think tank lobbying his department”
    Juliette Jowitt, 5 November 2012

    much much much more about IDS’s special homophobic and anti-abortion advisor here http://powerbase.info/index.php/Philippa_Stroud

  2. Philippa Stroud give up your peerage you dont deserve it and stop having sex with IDS, its sick and costing the tax payer far too much

  3. There’s a very hot place waiting for you IDS and Philippa Stroud and hopefully you’ll be there sooner rather than later. You’re both pure evil.

  4. The husband of Philippa Stroud, who hit the headlines for her alleged involvement in a church that promotes “exorcism” for gay and bisexual people, has signed a controversial Christian declaration which has been condemned by Conservatives, among others.

    David Stroud, a leader in the New Frontiers Church, has put his name to the Westminster Declaration – a statement from socially conservative Christians which, alongside other matters, advocates that a narrow version of religious conscience should trump other people’s rights and freedoms in the public sphere.

    According to the teaching of her church, Mrs Stroud is subject to the views of her male spouse. The Church teaches that a husband has “authority over his wife” and that a wife should “joyfully submit to a husband’s will in all things.” The husband is seen as the “servant leader.” Indeed, it is fundamental to their religious approach. The church’s 17 values say there must be “joyful female submission” in a marriage.

  5. Any deaths caused at start could be classed as accidental, further deaths would be manslaughter, however with all these facts and figures in hand just one more is murder and yet still there’s been thousands of one mores caused with full knowledge of consequences. I myself am due to die as soon as dwp play their hand and allow atos to sentence me, both these groups are in Tory employ, and I’ve made Cameron aware of my impending death by e mail. He’s not replied but I have acknowledgement of reciept from Downing Street. This will therefore make Cameron fully responsible for my death without escape or loophole, use that well folks.

  6. Diesel Cummins says:

    Well she’s earned the right to stand trial for Crimes Against Humanity alongside her master then!

  7. They have an agenda and will not change it no matter what it’s called make the poor sick disabled pay in order to make their rich backers richer

  8. No one will agree.But with a country living on Benefits ,yes benefits.We cant live on tick.Yes its bad news when someone dies supposedly with reduction of their benefits.BUT why don’t the population realise you cant live on tick.So the policies of reductions must continue ,then just maybe we will be in the black.Yes you can all hate me,i will accept,but remember any blame for where we are is not the conservatives cause,its developed from the years of labour 1997 to 2010.Blame lies with blair and brown.

  9. M Cox , I cant understand how anyone can still hold the belief that it is benefits that have damaged this country and not the determination to support the elite banking class and its supporters.
    The banks have done very well off the “tick” of £850 BILLIONS. ( Figure from National Audit Office ) and aren’t any more responsible. We should have done an Iceland, a few crashes a short term hurt in massive losses and directors/managers in jail. Stronger for it.

  10. m Cox, How can you describe a death as “bad news”, wonder how you would feel if it was a relative of yours and yes the blame for where we are lies at Camerons door, always the same when we have a conservative government, haven’t a clue what to do and blames everyone else for the mess we are in.

  11. Pauline Guest says:

    This government should hang their heads in shame at their heinous crimes, but they won’t; to feel shame they’d have to have a conscience which they haven’t. IDS and this woman are perfect examples of how evil they are. This is nothing less than the genocide of the poor and disabled. My grandparents didn’t fight in ww2 only for us to have a nazi regime in charge of this country. They’ll be turning in their graves!

  12. Do me a favor M. Cox Visit ‘Peter of England’ on YouTube to get educated. The city of London gets £43 billion going through the bank accounts everyday. All that is needs is a small tax on these transactions to pay for everything this country needs. There is no need for austerity and quite frankly, IDS is a Nazi with a terrible agenda. You reap what you sow. Time to bring in the United Nations so this monster can be charged with crimes against humaity

  13. brian mcardle says:

    IDS Has put the Grim Reaper on job workfare , to gain more culling experience,as OAPs live longer now,and need culling at the 70s rate,unemployed and disabled no matter all fodder for Grim,but IDS forgets he is on Grims list

  14. brian mcardle says:

    MR COX
    Blame Thatcher,she started the greed is good culture,sounds like you get off,on berating the unemployed,well i hope another black monday hits ,and sees you on dole line,and at food banks ,see how smart arsed you feel them,tory tosser

  15. donald ogden says:

    What they are doing to the disabled and poor is no different to what Hitler did to the Jews. Extermination on a nation wide front. Tories and genocide go hand in hand: Remember how many coal miners and family members died thanks to Thatcher. Their hands are covered in blood…

  16. Oh dear Mr Cox, or should i say Tory Cock. My hope is that you become like many people out there over night disabled, no longer capeable of doing the job youve done for years. Hope you are then on the recieving end of your beloved Tory culling of the vulnerable.

  17. This is so true for me, it contributed to my husbands unexpected and sudden death, he had inoperable heart disease,10 stents in, anxietyabout being out of work, not being able to provide for me,he was a very proud man, at 48
    on the Friday before he collapsed with a cardiac arrest, he received a letter from DWP for his P45 to start work, while I was looking for this on the Sunday morning he collapsed and never recovered,
    It’s disputing that Duncan Smith has a peerage. When he and his colleagues are indirectly guilty of murder, it plays on the disabled so minds, when no one listens to them. We are not text book humans we are all individuals that know our own bodies and what happening inside,

    Listen to what the I’ll people are saying. Stop judging, have some respect and give the I’ll and disabled some dignity,

  18. Helen Jarvis says:

    Mr m Cox you are deluded until you are faced with a illness or disability you will never understand, I worked all my life until an injury which didn’t recover from cost me my career, yes career as a registered nurse not only did I loose incapacity they extended my retirement age twice so a double whammy.i expect Tories are hoping I will be extinct before I reach my layer pension receivable age

  19. I started working at 15 years of age. Ive had 3 children and returned to work within a short time. I am now 61, at the top of my trade. I woke one morning 4 weeks ago with double vision, my right eye turned inwards. I have been having numerous tests but its not improved at all. It’s impossible to do my job ( seamstress). So, M Cox, is this my fault? Am I now a scrounger? I’ve paid my NI contributions for 45 years, yet people like you think its ok to call the sick and disabled such names? I never dreamed this would happen to me, M Cox, so think twice before lambasting us ‘ scroungers’ because you dont have a clue what the future holds for you! Your life can come crumbling down in a nanosecond.

  20. I’m so glad you are happy to be hated Cox, but you’re not really worth the effort are you? However, IDS and gang are dangerous. Remove them-preferably from the planet, permanently. IDS and his ilk are a disease and need to be removed.

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