1984: Ministry of Truth

Last night’s vote on the Welfare Bill has renewed interest in Iain Duncan Smith’s plans not only to scrap current child poverty targets but for an Orwellian assault on the Child Poverty Act: renaming it as the ‘Life Chances Act’ and removing the words ‘Child Poverty’ from the name of the relevant quango.

Back in 2013, two Conservative-run departments (Education and DWP) ran a consultation on so-called “better” measurements of child poverty — Tory code for scrapping the targets.

Of the 104 respondents that expressed a view, 97 percent believed that all targets should be retained. This drops to 96 percent removing ‘Other’, leaving just the experts.

Child poverty consultation responses

A single respondent, one of 14 think tanks, said that the Act should be changed.

Can you guess which one — and who founded it?

The Centre for Social Justice told their fellow travellers in Whitehall that the current income-based measures were “misleading … simplistic and arbitrary” before backing a raft of alternatives.

  1. Victoria Lydia Bass says:

    A long time ago I decided that I would not partake in campaigns of any nature over the web, nomattuer what they were for; hated the internet bombardment by various organisations on the grounds that: if I agree with you, I would already had tried to do something about it; however this one, althogh I’m not a parent, single parent or one affected by this yeah, provided you guys let me be and don’t bombard me with petitions, but yeah, this is the rich declaring war on the poor. Okay, there may be people out there who are poor because are lazy but “me thinks” a very small minority lol; basic benefits cannot be lived on long term at all… do we want to be a nation remembered by other nations for leaving our poor in the streets unable to cope? do we want to be remember as a nation where yes there is a justification for drug dealing or lower end prostitution out of sheer need? “Me thinks” not; I would say to the Torys although I know there are “dissidents” on our side about them; is that how you want to be remembered as a party??? Okay, we have an economic crisis still going but squishing the poor to death, including students too will not bode well even for them. Let student girls go on the game to feed themselves, decrease money from other countries coming to us because you limit how many hours they can work on menial jobs lol They still bring income for their fees at outside of the EU rates, they still spend in our shops; same with single parents! Whereas I do not want a culture where young girls with little hope get pregnant to get a flat (long gone lol), I still don’t want to be ashamed of this country when we make the babies of anyone poor suffer!!!

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