Natalie Bennett

Natalie Bennett might not be known for her grasp of figures but it looks like the Green Party have worked out what to do with £1.3 million in membership subs and £212,000 of short money  hire an entire bloody HQ of staff in one go!

  • Chief Executive Officer (£60-70k)
  • Head of Communications (£40-50k)
  • Head of Party Development (£40-50k)
  • Head of Operations (£42-46k)
  • Fundraising and Membership Manager (£32-38k)
  • Finance Manager (£32-36)
  • Social Media Officer (£25-30k)
  • Campaigns Officer (£23-26)

Scrapbook hears that most of these roles are new.

Apparently Chris Rennard is available!

  1. What should she have dine with the money then? For Heavens sake – that’s what the miney is for!

  2. How many Internet trolls are employed by Tory HQ at £X per line, and what’s their total cost.
    The Tories funnel tens of millions through routes transparent and opaque to fund their plans.

  3. Your link on Short money has Caroline Lucas saying “It will be used to employ staff.” So, no story then.

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