Among the 129 MPs who have installed a member of their own family on the parliamentary payroll, the SNP’s Paul Monaghan attempts to justify giving his brother a job as his co-called ‘constituency communications manager’:

“People were interviewed for the constituency communications manager position including my brother. The position is an extremely technical one which involves a high level of technical skills.

Paul Monaghan register of members' interests

Seizing the spade presented him by the Northern Times the Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross MP then digs deeper — by volunteering what these “technical skills” are:

“The one thing I want to ensure as an MP is that I use technology in an innovative way and people can contact me using Skype and social media.

While Scrapbook is pleased that Monaghan has managed to find someone who can, errrr, use Facebook, something doesn’t quite add up.

If he’s so keen on the internet and social media, why doesn’t the role appear to have been flagged up on any of his social media accounts, his website or W4MP Jobs — the main venue for advertising such vacancies.

Strangely enough, Monaghan’s office have failed to respond to our queries on the matter.

Oink, oink!

  1. So what?, he should just come out and state best man for the job, after all we have enough labour/Tories MPs who have wives daughters or sons working for them, throwing stones in a green house without glass now.

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