Lord Sewel with apologies to Perez Hilton

Having finally quit the Lords, it has emerged that alleged coke and prostitutes fiend Lord Sewel is not only entitled to carry on using his title but apparently to:

  • a “guaranteed retirement party” in the prestigious House of Lords River Room
  • continued access to parliamentary facilities for entertainment purposes

The perks were recently unveiled under new rules allowing peers a “respectful departure”. The Telegraph reported in February:

“A leaflet being distributed among peers sets out the perks on offer for peers who agree to quit, including a guaranteed retirement party in a reception room at their expense and the right to treat five friends to meals in the Lords.

“The leaflet is the latest attempt by the Government to cut the number of peers to more manageable levels after a new law last year allowed peers to retire for the first time.

From the looks of the entertainment lavished on guests to his Pimlico flat it would promise to be quite some bash — although SW1A is no stranger to the white snorty stuff.

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