The Lib Dem leadership campaign looks to be getting nasty — with attempts to drag right-winger Norman Lamb into the Grevile Janner ‘sex abuse’ scandal.

The leadership hopeful was a parliamentary researcher for Janner at a period where the then Labour MP allegedly “violated, raped and tortured” children on the parliamentary estate.

Beginning as a whispering campaign amongst Lib Dem activists, the usual ‘what did he know and when’ questions have now surfaced online courtesy of prominent Lib Dem spinner (and trickster) Dan Falchikov:

“Lib Dem Leadership candidate Norman Lamb will be asked what he knew given he was, bizarrely, Janner’s research assistant for a year at the time the abuse was alleged to have taken place in Westminster.

“There is, of course, no suggestion Lamb was involved, but given David Steel is still quizzed about what he knew about Smith’s alleged activities, Lamb if he wins won’t be able to ignore similar probing.

Lamb has previously told Iain Dale that Janner should have been prosecuted sooner — but omitted to mention that the peer was his former boss.

Janner’s family strongly deny the allegations and there is no suggestion of any involvement from Lamb.

Supporters of Lamb’s opponent Tim Farron would do well to reflect on the wisdom of raising this as an issue.

Just nine months ago Farron crassly joked about Lib Dem sex scandals during a conference speech — having botched the handling of groping and harassment allegations as Lib Dem president.

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