There can surely be no better marker of the importance of the election than the Tories’ plan to show carers, the severely disabled and terminally ill no mercy in their new round of benefit cuts.

But don’t worry — the Labour Party are going to defend the vulnerable by asking the Tories nicely. With sugar on top and everything:

“Labour sources said the party would urge the government to make exemptions for people with disabilities and carers in setting the welfare cap and urge the Conservatives not to go ahead with cuts in the value of employment support allowance.”

This utterly spineless attempt at triangulation emerged following an appearance on the Andrew Marr show in which acting Labour leader Harriet Harman claimed Labour should not oppose cuts to child tax credits.

Her attempts to justify this at a meeting of Labour MPs today should be amusing.

She won’t actually be leader by the time the relevant votes roll around in the autumn — and has already been rebuked on tax credits by the two favourites to succeed Ed Miliband.

Slow clap.

UPDATE: Make that a rebuke by every single candidate for the Labour leadership. Ignore the title given this YouTube clip by Guido: Kendall says she would only support cuts to tax credits if there was a proper living wage:

“Where there are things in the Welfare Bill that are wrong we should oppose them, like the cuts to tax credits without putting in place a real living wage that people can live on.”

  1. At times like this you really despair for the Labour party. You are the opposition- start opposing or you will be finshed. Show us that you are not the corporate shills that steered New Labour and start listening.

  2. michael kelly says:

    But they ARE corporate shills though Bren, and have been WITH their tory brother’s-in-arms since at least WW2.
    It is at times like these that I despair for the country as a whole when, on the one side, you have labour wastrels, and on the other side you have tory austerity.
    There MUST be a political party out there somewhere for the people.

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