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In normal circumstances, openly calling for the dismantling of the NHS would exclude someone from being put in charge of it.

But not in Cameron’s cabinet.

In 2009 – before he became Secretary of State for Health – Jeremy Hunt co-wrote a book in which he called for the NHS to be broken up:

Top Tories call for NHS to be dismantled

Once he got the job, however – apart from dismantling it – you’d have thought Jeremy would have got to know something about the basics of health care, such as patient confidentiality.

But apparently not:

Jeremy Hunt ‘breached patient confidentiality’ by tweeting hospital picture

Mind you, just looking at the sheer number of scandals Jeremy Hunt has been involved in, it’s hard to understand how he’s managed to keep any position in the cabinet:

In fact, multi-millionaire Hunt also likes to make absolutely sure taxpayers pay him for everything, including:

1p for a 12-second phone call, 5p for a paper clip, 8p for a page marker, £700 on signs for one of his houses and £3,180 a year on stamps, envelopes and labels.

And what do we get in return for all this money we’re paying out to him?

A Health Secretary who’s breaking up the NHS and privatising hospital services, has managed to alienate the entire NHS workforce and who’s so incompetent it’s gone global.

In fact, it would be fair to say that this Hunt is a true star of Hameron’s habinet.


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  1. John Malcolm Gregory says:

    The general public should know all about this It is a pity that the electorate fell for the Tory spin that our our economic woes were down to benefit claimants without a whisper about industrial. scale tax avoidance/evasion.

  2. Robert Vallee says:

    What about Camoron himself? Remember the wisteria removal he claimed for? There is no member of his cabinet who isn’t incompetent. What about Owen ‘Lets kill the badgers Patterson.

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