1. Lynne George says:

    Well done everyone who took part.

    Why should the Disabled, Sick & Poor make the most sacrifices whilst the rich, the Tax Dodging Companies, the Banks & even the MP’s themselves give up nothing & feel confident enough to sneer at us in the House of Commons (IDS).

    Hope everyone who voted them back in gets hit – we had the chance to get rid of them & didn’t!

  2. Tarsha Barsha says:

    Excellent work DPAC! An eye catching and fun way of highlighting serious impact of the Government’s welfare cuts. The WRAG cut in particular flies in the face of the Tories’ empty promise about protecting disabled people’s benefits. Utterly despicable. As ever, well done DPAC. Solidarity x

  3. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    The idiots that got them in (floating voters: Sun, Star and DM readers, and those who were foolish enough to switch from Labour to UKIP) are daft enough to be believe the press when it tells them they are better off even though they end up suffering (even) more financial hardship, or lose their job.

  4. Tories never worried about the seriously disabled. worked full professional career then victim of CVA stroke – haemorrhagic – good recovery but lots of residual physical problems- eg lack of mobility etc. Tories and Bullingdon/Eton Boys would have lots of empathy with my situ. Being totally dependent makes one a burden for others.

  5. To those that say the Tories do not see the disabled as people, well it was labour that brought in Freud and ATOS and Purnell. We have had two of the most right wing hate campaigns for the sick and the disabled I can ever remember in my life time.

    Not sure trying to vote in Kendall or Burnham or Cooper is going to be much help and with Reeves who is in charge of labour welfare saying this week if she gets in she will give us even more cuts.

    I think the disabled and the sick need to look beyond labour and the Tories.

  6. Andrew Moir says:

    Robert, i hope you. Dont mean either ukip or lib dems yes labour introduced it the tories made it three times worse

  7. Whilst Labour bought it in Tories took it over and changed it into what we have today, they twisted it and made sure all the sanctions have happened and they have broadened the spectrum of how to cut and discriminate against anyone in these situations. They are a cruel and evil government and there are a few Old Labour that are more conservative than Labour that haven’t helped.

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