Parliament ILF disability protest

Parliamentary officials attempted to censor the media from reporting on a protest by disability activists — banning them from filming it or even speaking into their microphones.

In unprecedented scenes, a number of protesters in wheelchairs were stopped by police as they attempted to enter the Commons during PMQs. The group had gathered in Central Lobby to speak to MPs about the closure of the Independent Living Fund when a number broke away and headed toward the chamber.

With the BBC interrupting its normal PMQs coverage, Norman Smith managed to get off some footage (VIDEO) with the camera turned away from the protest — but his colleague Alan Soady later reported on an apparent crackdown by officials:

Perhaps the hacks were lucky to get off so lightly.

Back in 2011 then BBC producer (subsequently UKIP spinner) Paul ‘Gobby’ Lambert had his parliamentary pass withdrawn after he filmed the aftermath of the Rupert Murdoch foam pie incident.

  1. Not just this time and not just in parliament. If they control what is reported then we don’t have a free press. With this, the new laws enacted to prevent unfavourable reporting and opinions and constant surveillance can you spot the difference between UK and 1984? The most dangerous thing in this country is our government.

  2. Anthony Paul Brown says:

    How can commons officials legally stop the media from filming and reporting such news that is definitely in the public interest? What rights do they have to do this? Do we not live in a Democrat society, or are we becoming a country that hides the truth of what is actually happening? If things continue like this, this could be the shortest term in office any Government has had. This is Government desperation, complete fear of actual events getting out to the General public. This is the beginning of the end of these inhumane group of imbeciles I hope…..

  3. Personally I would like to thank the media for what appears to be a 100% even including the Daily Mail ignoring any attempt at being censored.

  4. As one of the protesters it amazes me that peoplee are shocked byy these antics wake up type of democratic protest is shut down and reporting blacked out that is the reality of Britain under Cameron

  5. Jennifer Martin says:

    I hope these Protesters are all prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.
    Vile individuals 🙁

  6. Jamie McCormack says:

    Vile Individuals who are you to Judge Ms Martin We are disabled people who were standing up to the vile decision to remove funding so they can live with dignity & Independence! For the record no law was broken except the one of common decency by you Ms Martin!

  7. Disabled people have the same right to protest as anybody else.What I find vile is the Government taking the ILF away which will bring terrible hardship and add to the struggles to live independently.

  8. Jennifer Martin I think you are the vile individual! These people are demonstrating as they are disabled and their benefits are being cut dramatically. I would like to see what you would do out of desperation if you were disabled. They are heros fighting for those that can not fight.

  9. Martin McGowan says:

    Jennifer, you are a disgrace, but maybe you don’t understand the position of those protesting. they have been supported by the independent living fund to get out of bed, be dressed and in some cases fed as well. the government has decided that they will give the money to local authorities and not ring fence it. my friend who cannot get out of bed or operate her emergency alarm has been told she will be losing her night time care at the very least. some disabled may well end up in care homes. this government should all be sacked.

  10. How dare parliament control free speech and thinking… If this is what they openly do… What will they secretly do with their proposed snooping charter??

  11. Jamie Turzanski says:

    Democratic society! Wake up people ! We are fastly slipping into a dictatorship- and most of Brits are sleepwalking right into it!!-–

  12. Who is Jennifer Martin a torie supporter have you got any family or friends because with the attitude you got towards the disabled you will die a lonley person I can bet you was a bully at school as well I think they did a brave thing to storm Parliament at least they gave guts not like to roe supporters who are cowards

  13. Who is Jennifer Martin a torie supporter have you got any family or friends because with the attitude you got towards the disabled you will die a lonley person I can bet you was a bully at school as well I think they did a brave thing to storm Parliament at least they gave guts not like to Torie supporters who are cowards

  14. dennis smalley says:

    this fixed elected government are not fit to govern us, they hide the truth from the people, they make cuts that kill and cause untold worry ,despair ,homelessness and hunger, they want to spend billions to fix the house of shame and corruption, billions from where? are we not in austerity? billions to fix up the queens abode, more like to rid both places of dna, both are crime scenes and should be treated a such, we need them out, I don’t know how, but I do know so many people do not want them there for the next 5 years, and I still have to find anybody who voted tory, not 1 have I found from all walks of life,

  15. Thanks for trying to film lads. That was the first bit about protests I’ve seen that wasn’t negative propaganda.
    This government have used hitler clone propaganda to demonise,dehumanise, demoralise and terrorise. Decades of anti people on benefits disabled or otherwise. Jeremy Kyle,benefit st, benefits Britain countless others.
    Big thank you to the protestors. Going to be a bit blunt here without ILF people at the very least will be sitting in their own bodily waste. People will end up in care homes.

  16. Theresa Guilfoyle says:

    Proves media is controlled and censored. We are not a free or democratic society – just a bunch of brainwashed puppets.

  17. Pat Brennan says:

    I would like the media to report on what authority the Sergeant at Arms ordered his officials to prevent all live reporting of the demo in Central Lobby, and the Speaker ought to be asked what the purpose of such an intervention was.

  18. the benefit deaths were mentioned and the govt didnt like it when disabled people turned up thats what they are trying to hide the way they treat the disabled

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