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Having (finally) been cut loose by the UK Lib Dems, the news that Mike Hancock was a self confessed constituent-interferer had not reached as far as Strasbourg last November — which might be why he was allowed to represent the Council of Europe’s Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe group on a junket to the United Nations in New York.

The programme for the trip — a £5,500 bill for which was picked up by the British taxpayer — lists meetings with a string of dignitaries, including:

Parliamentary Assembly NYC trip

Scrapbook wonders whether Russophile Hancock had the opportunity to discuss the maintenance of Britain’s nuclear deterrent.

  1. I’m thrilled to fund a trip for this worthy and to know that he has had fruitful discussions with Vitaly, an old buddy. But I have a teeny weeny question – who decides to use my taxes to pay for his trip? Certainly, I was not consulted. Does it come out of our generous Foreign Aid budget? Ah no – I’ve just re-read the article. It must be the EU? I dunno. I’m just a confused pleb…..

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