Jasper Gerard and Nick Clegg

Scrapbook is considering taking out a subscription to the seriously gossipy Liberator Magazine, who report on grumblings from (now former) Lib Dem MPs over gross misdirection of resources in the run up to the close of polls last month:

“Those staffing the party’s telephone canvass centre in London were told on polling day evening to do a phone knock up for Jasper Gerrard in Maidstone. Despite a poor response volunteers were told to keep ringing until 10pm as he was only 0.2% behind. He lost by 10,709.”

Along with the seat of arch Clegg ally Danny Alexander (he lost by even more) “huge sums” were allegedly poured into Gerrard’s Maidstone campaign — an area held by the Tories since, errrr, 1906.

According to the bitter ex-MPs this is on account of him writing a flattering book about Nick Clegg.

  1. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    I am sure Nick Clegg is a plant put in their to ensure the LDs never get/got the chance to implement/support any policies considered to be left-wing. He was their version of Tory Blair. Much the same way The Sun, a traditional working mans’ paper was bought by the right and used to contaminate their thoughts with fear of immigration and unions, such that the more gullible would be ready to vote for a neo-facist party in order to weaken traditional Labour party vote. These have been long term projects.

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