CentreForum: Stephen Lee and David Laws

News broke at the weekend that the boss of Lib Dem wonkers CentreForum has “resigned” as chief executive — just as the think tank became a safe berth for the newly unemployed David Laws:

“Stephen Lee is resigning as Chief Executive to take up new opportunities in the academic world.

But Lee himself apparently begs to differ, taking to Lib Dem Voice this afternoon to, errr, clarify the nature of his departure — while sounding rather annoyed that he apparently had not been consulted about the timing of the announcement:

“It is now clearly public knowledge that I have left my position as CEO of CentreForum … I left CentreForum – I did not resign – with no rancour and with a great sense of pride at the end of May.

Lee’s piece also gives an insight into the financial shockwaves rippling through the wider Lib Dem machinery:

“We had planned before the general election for a downturn in our fortunes, planning that itself necessitated hard decisions, decisions that impacted on my staff, decisions that I did not take lightly.

“Like others, I did not foresee the magnitude of the Lib Dem reversal on May 7th. Its impact was both immediate and potentially transformational for CentreForum.

So was CentreForum expecting to see vote share-linked short money which will never materialised — or has hedge fund sugar daddy Paul Marshall drawn down his funding in the wake of their annihilation?

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