Michael Gove

Former Cabinet Office minister (now globe-trotting trade minister) Francis Maude wrote in November 2010 on the Tories’ commitment to transparency:

“Opposition parties are always remarkably keen on greater government transparency, but this enthusiasm mysteriously tends to diminish once they actually gain power. Not so in this case.”

Let’s see how that’s going.

The FT has today revealed (£) Tory plans for a new crackdown on transparency — by making it easier for ministers to veto freedom of information requests and introducing new red tape by lowering cost thresholds.

And who is behind these moves?

That would be Michael Gove: the bloke who tried to hide departmental communications in a private email account registered to his wifeand then illegally covered it up.

DfE private email ruling ICO


The headline of Francis Maude’s 2010 column: “This will be the most transparent and accountable government in the world”.

  1. Terry Davies says:

    You are charged with responsibility of ensuring fairness and equality in all your ministerial actions. are you suitable for the ministerial post.
    proportionality and fairness are not in your vocabulary
    therefore you are not fit for purpose. We welcome your resignation

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