Vince Cable and Nick Clegg

Back in January, Vince Cable was forced to apologise after Scrapbook provided the parliamentary standards watchdog with evidence that the then cabinet minister had failed to declare a donation of £6,000 in private polling commissioned during a botched coup against Nick Clegg.

As this blog revealed at the time, a transcript of the standards commissioner’s interview with Cable brought a touch of comedy to proceedings, exposing his special adviser’s lame attempt to insulate him from responsibility by claiming the polling had not actually been emailed to Cable — but his wife instead.

SpAd: Can I suggest two other questions? Vince, do you have access to [your wife’s] email account?

Cable: No I don’t.

But who — according to the Guardian’s 6,000-word dissection of the Lib Dem’s electoral disaster — actually contrived this bizarre arrangement?

[Cable ally and polling donor Lord] Oakeshott followed up the email [to Cable’s wife] with a text to Cable himself … explaining that Cable’s special adviser had “asked me to forward the poll to your wife”.

As ever, it’s not the crime that gets you, it’s the [utterly incompetent] cover-up.

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