Tories on child tax credits

During the election David Cameron told working parents that they could save £5,000 per year under the Toriesand that child benefit would be protected:

“We have been very clear child benefit is staying … We’re keeping it, not cutting it. I believe strongly in child benefit. With me child benefit stays as it is.”

But just seven weeks later — and after Iain Duncan Smith warned that slashing welfare by £12bn would hurt the poorest — the Sunday Times has been briefed (£) that the full cuts are not only happening but that housing benefit and tax credits are “expected to account for the bulk of the savings”:

“Targeted savings that have been discussed in Whitehall and are expected to be introduced include … restricting child tax credits to a couple’s first two children.

The real party of working people (unless you’re in a low income family with three kids).

  1. Good! Lets get rid of tax credits all together and keep cutting income taxes. They’re a complicated nonsense.

  2. Keep child benefits and child tax .why should children suffer how about quit giving uk benefits to forgeniers that will save lot and quit letting ever tom dick and harry claim our benifits and make up in Romania with it …..look after ya own people before. Forgeniers

  3. Sheeple Sheeple Sheeple.. Il just pop up and say 47% there abouts is paid out to state pensions??. Why are you not complaining about that?. Because its just as important as the “benefit scroungers”. You will never rid the minor few that take the biscuit, but why do the rest have to suffer?. Open your eyes you will be a slave to the trade before you know it. By then it will be too late to act on anything.

    Just too add yes i do work fulltime and thank myself fortunate that i have a roof and scrape just above the food banks. This isn’t living this is surviving!!. Survival of the fittest, the fittest being the ones brainwashing you all into surrender!.

  4. John Brookes says:

    child tax credit should not apply where the person (mother) claiming it, is single, and in full time work. the tax they pay should be reduced and the “ignored” fathers should be given access to their kids. and if the mother refuses said access, she should pay full tax. and have her housing henefits halved. it is long past time to financialy punish mothers who deny access to fathers.. if the father is unemplyed, he can have the job of taking care of his kids, school run etc. This will reduce the costs of child care, subsidised by the state. in the long term the father will have equality in his rights to family life.

  5. Having used the slogan making work pay, along with working tax credits to justify introducing draconian rules to force people into low paid work, they are now removing those tax credits so that low paid work will no longer pay enough to survive on. People may be driven to break the law in order to make ends meet.

  6. John what a fantastic idea, so children who have mothers that work and have dead beat fathers will suffer once , but I do believe maintenance should be used when calculating tax credits presently it is not counted, it’s not really fair that someone who gets 10 less a week than someone else but gets 100 maintenance should get more tax credits,

  7. I’m homeless as it Is thanks to camcon cunt I’m only entitled to 270pcm for rent which gets me nowhere oh did I mention I have a cyst in my head and COPD among other things and yet I’m still thrown to the streets maybe ill move abroad claim some of this foreign aid bet its more than us english get now

  8. Well said Mr B, Osborne wants everyone to forget that and concentrates on the so called benefit scroungers. Also please remember that the UK is the 17th lowest payer when it comes to benefits in the EU. So the rhetoric that the UK is the magnet for the rest of the EU for easy benefits is completely wrong, there are other countries that pay higher benefits with less hassle than here. Most migrants don’t come to the UK they much prefer countries like Hungary, Poland, Germany, etc.

  9. And how will they work it if a woman has three kids but the younger two are twins? My own daughter has three children but she only intended to have two and that’s her family makeup. Maybe she’ll get tax credits for one and a half and a half. You couldn’t make this barmy stuff up. And I reckon a few who voted Tory will soon be gnashing their teeth when the reality of what they are affects them. This is no longer about hitting scroungers… this is about hitting low paid working class folk.

  10. When will you all see the big picture?

    The big picture is that we are now stuck with a Tory government for the next 15 years because of UKIP (A tory manufactured party) taking votes away from the ONLY party that represents the poor and working class.

    Benefits are not something for nothing. Benefits are provisioned for out of the taxes paid. We all pay in to it, and we get to draw out of it when we hit hard times.

    We need to get the long term unemployed into work. We need to create jobs, we need to stop sending work abroad, and start doing it here. The service and banking industry put this country into recession, we can not rely on them to provide economic stability. MANUFACTURING and export is what we need to do.

    Whilst these silverspooned bafoons are in power, they ONLY people that will benefit are themselves and their party donors.Why did they vote AGAINST common tax laws over the last few weeks? Because it will hurt them and their donors.

    Those that do choose not to work and live on state aid are very few. This is usually caused by a rut that they simply can not get out of. Educate and train them, give them a sense of self worth.

    When WILL trident be used? NEVER, so scrap it. Nobody on this planet will use a nuclear weapon and we all know it. The money spent on that should be used to prop up the crumbling conventional armed forces, and the NHS.

  11. You say about the ignored fathers what about the ones who don’t give a shit!!!! Mothers shouldn’t claim then.?.

  12. Amanda Chapman says:

    I am a single mother of 5 children with only 2 left at home aged 7 and almost 6. I suffer with arthritis of the back and all my joints. I have trouble with my mobility and walking, I can’t sit down or stand up for too long so can’t work although I would love to. Why should I be punished while the fat cat politicians line their pockets. They drink cheap alcohol in Westminster, claim expenses for a second home (an antiquated, outdated law from when travel used to take days not hours) money for fuel and give away billions of money to countries that clearly don’t need it (India springs to mind, they have their own Space programme so clearly don’t need our money) yet instead of cutting money where it clearly isn’t needed they take it from the poverty stricken! Yes, I’m on benefits but I don’t smoke, drive and I drink very rarely, why should me and my children be punished?

  13. Oh dear, oh dear
    The trouble with society nowadays is it wants stuff for FREE
    I do not get a penny in benefits of any type
    I pre-pay for prescriptions @£10/month
    We both work
    We survive/exist
    Holidays?………yeah.. right!

    Some lurkio neighbours…… this free that, holidays 2/year, £100/week @asda for food

    Go into currys, try get a telly free
    Go into BMW, try getting one free
    Go to Asda, try getting out with free stuff

    Nothing is free in life

  14. well he will keep child benefit cos he gets it for his kids and hes not gonna be out of pocket for any reason !!

  15. Well if you ask me people who work is going to get hit the hardest and and in my opinion will be better off not working at all then they moan that most of the population ain’t in working so they are going to fuck this country up even more knob heads

  16. well said Mike. I’m a father of 3. My eldest just turned 18. My other two children are both 2&1/2. They’re twins. So how does this work does my son get considered as my second child as he’s a whole 2 minutes older than his sister?

  17. Why is there is enough money in the pot for all those idiots in parliament to get a pay rise, but we have to cut all the benefits. Working people have not had a pay rise in years, but they deserve one???

  18. Lmao listen to u all ur all as bad as the Tories, all for urself and [email protected] the rest, stop letting immigrants in and then there be work for ppl, oh and I work… And immigrants do not want to go to Poland the polish are all here u twat, but most of u lot are just as bad as the Tories but watch u all moan when the nhs and other public services get cut more n more…. Grow up and stop being so selfish

  19. Some MPs are complaining saying they can’t live on £67,000 a year so get a grip ppl, the gov.. Is corrupted its fraud and they filling their own pockets

  20. Rob rob rob u obviously got ur brain free cause it was a reject, what an arsehole you really are no doubt a Tory voter let’s make ppl and kids homeless after all that gives the immigrants more houses to move into u wanker

  21. The problem with everyone is they have delusions of grandour, ur all working class people thinking your middle class, wake up sheeple

  22. why is he targeting people on zero contract hours who works hard doing full time hours but getting part time pay they rely on working tax credits to top up there low pay most people are better off on the dole instead of working for a pittance with zero contract hours now he is going to make it ten times worse for people on
    Low paid jobs

  23. Reading these comments, clearly some are very shallow, the country has a huge deficit to repay… The repayment to bring the country back in line has to come from somewhere, why should people sit on their back sides and not study, get an education and continue to have children who are supported financially and housed by the community that choose to have a better life and outcome. It’s unfair, free handouts have got to stop, the lazy ones have got to learn and suffer… Those that just get a job for 20 hours per week because working tax credits fulfil the deficit of a full time role is wrong. I’m with the Tories… I’ve had children from 16 and don’t claim a penny

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