Angry Boris Johnson

The most awkward Boris moment ever at the State of London Debate earlier this evening:

Last October he snubbed a challenge from Paralympian Hannah Cockroft to spend a day attempting to travel on public transport in London using a wheelchair.

  1. Stephen Holliday says:

    Is there any limit to this grotesque mans buffoonery . His contempt is hideous for all to see – that’s why he’s a Tory leader candidate

  2. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    They ‘own’ most of the mainstream media in this country and they know it. They know they can do what the hell they want and it can be covered up by favorable spin or lack of coverage. Just like their days back in the Bullyboys club.

  3. It didn’t take Eddie Mair long to ‘peg’ this clown he is just “A nasty piece of work”.

  4. phililp trestain says:

    This is the true mind set of the torys totally out of order with over 10,600 people that died after being sanctions and the tory party desperate to try and cover it up it shows the contempt they have for the people of this country.

  5. Everyone who reads this article SHOULD share on Facebook and Twitter so that the wider world can see what a load of ignorant ‘people’ run our country. We have enough fighting our illnesses and conditions without fighting the ignorance of people who should know better!

  6. Ignorant Twat ! Just goes to show a top public school education does you no good at all. As a wheelchair user myself I would have said to him ‘Who do you think you are?, Jesus?’

  7. Claire Edwards says:

    I am astounded, what is wrong with this supposed human being and why does he get away with it.. Why should any of us have to stand for him, who does he think he is for goodness sake???

  8. Martin Hines says:

    If the answer isn’t ‘As I am grovelling to our most eminent of Overlords’, the culprit will probably be placed on benefits, then have them revoked until a starving and deserved death.

  9. Ignorant buffoon it goes to show what an ignorant buffoon he is ok Boris Johnson you stand up so we can give yoh such a good kick up your fat arse.

  10. David Spence says:

    The vile Tories are Capitalists, and Capitalists are the most selfish, arrogant, ignorant and greedy people on the planet. You only have to look at the States to see how Evil Capitalism is. USA is 4.5% of the worlds population, Consumes 31% of all global resources, consumes 34% of all fossil fuels and produces 25% of all pollution.

    This is the country the bastard Tories (the only good Tory is a **** Tory) would love the UK to be. The sooner we get rid of the vile Tories (by whatever means) the better for this country and the world.

  11. Boris is VERY DANGEROUS, like the rest of the POSH boys DESTROYING the fabric of OUR country.

  12. Wendy Easter says:

    I agree with all the comments here, however, someone voted them in and if it wasn’t you or me that someone must like them!

  13. catherine bruce says:

    I am a Wheelchair User & I Totally Agree with all the Comments Above. Who does BJ think he is

  14. Chris Richmon says:

    From Carsyairs village
    I think he would fit in well with the Tory Government, with them in power it is more like Nazi Germany than Britain

  15. Anyone who’s read or seen “Animal Farm” will see how right George Orwell was when he wrote this. Trouble is, it was written as a critique of Communism, so what does that say about the Tories? Especially Boris, David Cameron and George Osborne?

  16. He is a stunt man he plays to the media to pretend that he is like a buffoon in real life he is a right uncaring Tory Toff. A sexist and a racist. Should never been elected as a Mayor of a Liberal city.

  17. He is a stunt man and he plays to the media to pretend that he is like a buffoon in real life he is a right uncaring Tory Toff. A sexist and a racist. Should never been elected as a Mayor of a Liberal city.

  18. Brian Henderson says:

    This lot got voted in with a majority that would not have been allowed to do anything in a union! One rule for them and another for us.

  19. Except he was addressing Nick Ferrari, who had just finished speaking, which becomes clear when you see the video. It’s unfortunate that the man in the wheelchair was called Nicholas, causing a misunderstanding. For once, BoJo wasn’t being a bozo.

  20. This Tory nincompoop treats even the most profound crisis as a joke. A typical ignorant, arrogant bully. He’s broken more Laws than anyone in prison. Procreated two illegitimate children, laughed at the travails of the sick, aged, unemployed. Should have been arrested for threats of intimidation, violence, but excused himself with an aloof:”Well things are misinterpreted at times aren’t they !” An absolute phoney like all CONservative MPs.

  21. craig WILLiAMS says:

    I challenge him to spend a month in a wheelchair, could he see the wheelchair? I assume he could not , if he could why didn’t the wheelchair user ask him where his white stick was.

  22. As i understand it, he was asking the person why he wasn’t standing for mayor. Not that he and the rest of the tory scum aren’t complete tossers, but think this is a misunderstanding?

  23. I was thee last night and I was one of the audience members in a wheelchair but I don’t think it was me (despite the fact he looked at me, maybe receonised me as I am part of him volunteer programme) besides the pictures shows he was facing to his right and I was to his left. He was damn hilarious though lmao

  24. Oh I see what he’s doing…. “How dare Kanye outsmart me on worlds most idiotic request ever!”And there’s some beating him and others alike. But yep he will most certainly make the top ten. Utterly ridiculous.

  25. And then, I read up on previous comments. Well doh…. My bad if it was a misunderstanding. Mind he’s still a wassock. It’s a pity really I found him a more tolerable person despite which party they ran for. And didn’t mind him much. He can be quite funny. But the circles on which he revolves around. Find me quite disappointed

  26. This ma is a total morron what should happen is that people like him should spend a week in a wheel chair just to see how they woud get on

  27. Complete Neutral says:

    Stumbled upon this via a friend sharing it on Facebook. As a complete neutral when it comes to politics (you’re supposed to be winning me over every election!), I always find the comments somewhere between amusing and hilarious in places like these. Here’s some choice words to describe Boris Johnson and/or the Conservatives, as posted in these very comments:

    “nasty piece of work”
    supposed human being
    fk u party (sic)
    ignorant buffoon
    up your fat arse
    ignorant and greedy
    bastard Tories
    the only good Tory is a **** (sic) Tory
    get rid of the vile Tories
    very dangerous
    destroying the fabric of our country
    more like Nazi Germany than Britain
    uncaring Tory Toff
    sexist and a racist
    It is no coincidence that ‘Those Who Are Tory Scum’ have an appropriate acronym (sorry, had to quote the entire post for context)
    I’d love to put him on a spit and roast him like the rest of the pigs in government the tories (same again)
    typical ignorant
    arrogant bully
    Should have been arrested
    absolute phoney
    tory scum
    complete tossers
    wassock (sic, it’s spelt wazzock, but it’s not a commonly written word)
    total morron (sic)

    Yeah, I really did spend all that time copying those out. I’m a real masochist when it comes to politics…

  28. Just another “entitled” Tory, who gets to sit in Cabinet Meetings, and expects everyone to stand up and applaud him when he graces us with his presence! He really is not too cool for school! Get over yourself Boris!

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