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The latest death rattle from the British National Party takes the form of claims that a lack of interest from the media stems not from standing a pathetic eight candidates in the general election — but because the National Union of Journalists has banned its members from reporting on the party.

Even if this were true — the claim of a conspiracy of silence was, errrr, reported the next day in a regional newspaper — it pales in significance to what the BNP and their far-right friends would mete out to the press.

Here’s what an editorial in The Rune magazine (editor Nick Griffin) had to say about journalists:

“When we take power, we shall put the noose around the neck of politicians and journalists who are to blame for creating this multiracial hellhole. They must face trial and pay the ultimate penalty.

Set up by a former BNP activist, the Redwatch website— which publishes the names, addresses and phone numbers of lefties, such that they can be made to “pay for their crimes” — has a special section devoted to hacks:

Redwatch journalists section

Such intimidation and threats are far from hollow, as the Times’ investigations editor Dominic Kennedy discovered after being invited to cover an extraordinary general meeting of the party … only to find a BNP enforcer attempting to remove his nose from his face:

Dominic Kennedy meets the BNP

Dominic Kennedy meets the BNP

  1. BNP was being heavily reported during Nick Griffin’s tenure. They made successful inroads politically and their leader was being invited to speak at mainstream events. The publicity undoubtedly lead to more support, it conveyed a sense of acceptability.

    Now, BNP supporters along with those of Britain First are aligning themselves with UKIP.

    The question isn’t one of why BNP gets no coverage but rather why it was ever given the publicity it needed to garner the support it eventually got!

  2. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    The idea was it would sap from the Labour vote taking those that could be convinced that all their problems were the cause of black people and migration (a la the Nazis with Jews). Eventually it because obvious it was a bunch of discredited fascists and it was going nowhere. So ‘they’ reset the program, and created UKIP. That worked wonderfully for them, which is why we have an extremely right-wing Tory government about to convert this country into a heaven for the greedy and rich, and a hell for everyone else.

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