Victoria Borwick

A newly elected Tory MP is set to rake in nearly £100,000-a-year after refusing to quit two other elected positions on the London Assembly and a borough council.

And with claims that Cllr Lady Victoria Borwick AM MP cannot possibly perform all three roles properly, Political Scrapbook has uncovered evidence that the ‘triple dipper’ was last year appointed to a key council committee and then failed to turn up to a single meeting.

Borwick — who lives with her hereditary peer husband in a £6.6m home (above) — was a member of the Administration Committee on Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council from June 2014 to 20 May this year.

Here’s what residents get for their £10,000 in allowances. Can you spot a pattern?

Victoria Borwick RBKC administration committee

Even when she does show up, local observers are asking how she plans to navigate multiple conflicts of interest — being whipped different ways on different bodies. Perhaps we can look to her previous performance:

Back in 2013 Borwick voted in favour of Boris’ £64 million fire service cuts in City Hall on 25 February — including closing Knightsbridge Fire Station and downgrading Chelsea Fire Station — and then voted against the very same closures in the council chamber nine days later!

  1. dorothy badrick says:

    Well why are we surprised anyone who thought local councillors supported their local community is about 150 years out of date? Why have committees anyway the ruling party will do what they want? So why not abolish the committees AND all the fees paid to pigs with snouts in the trough.

  2. Chris Burgess says:

    Shouldn’t this be shouted from the highest point. Question should also be asked at PMQ’s.

  3. This is not the only one taking money for nothing and quick to point the finger at people on sick benefits Greed…… scape goat the poor …

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