Iain Duncan Smith: liar, pants on fire

Having not only failed to deliver one of the Tories’ flagship policies but potentially wasted more than £200 million of taxpayers’ cash on IT systems which may be written off as useless, the Tories couldn’t possibly re-appoint Iain Duncan Smith at DWP? Errrrr …

One of the first items on his ‘to do’ list will be wasting even more money on trying to cover up the extent of his own failure. The courts have repeatedly ordered DWP to publish four potentially explosive documents related to Universal Credit: the risks register, issues register, milestone schedule and project assessment review.

The news that Iain Duncan Smith has been offered yet another chance to block publication was lost in the election hubbub two weeks ago. The date for the new one-day hearing has yet to be set.

The quiet man is here to stay — and he’s getting his lawyers to turn down the volume.


  1. jason smith says:

    That would be to good for him.

    Thanks for wasting the tax I have been paying for your hair brained schemes. perhaps its time he did some time on the dole to see what life is really like for those that depend on the benefits system to survive.

  2. donna marsh says:

    What the he’ll is up with these people the tory party they are all inhumane they are evil why would they want to treat people this way scrap the nhs and watch people die throw people out of their homes and see them homeless take people’s one and wheelchairs from them send them rawlings to a job that doesn’t exist as there are no jobs to many businesses going under zero hour contracts fox hunting it’s disgusting oh and take away children’s educations and futures and take away human rights whilst they live like kings drinking expensive champagne laughing at the country what kind of people are r hey? And please do tell me what is uni er sale credit and how do the tory’s think this is improving the country? Iv already seen protests being held people being hurt and threatened over who they voted for people have already lost jobs over the weekend and today 🙁 and why should somebody who has never committed a credit have their phones and Internet monitored and be followed by government officials that’s like having a stalker it’s sick tbh people who can’t afford medical treatment who need it will die people will commit suicide even ore people will be homeless and hungry 🙁 how do u live with urself tory’s? I will not be dictated by you il fight to get you out of downing street il sign all petitions and share them I fight for sick pay and human rights in court o er dead body will I have my privacy and life stolen

  3. The way this man carries on with lies and more laws to hit the poorest should be in court for murder his actions had caused so many people to commit suicid

  4. The way this man carries on with lies and more laws to hit the poorest should be in court for murder his actions had caused so many people hardship and and will get worse under this government

  5. David Rose says:

    There needs to be a law like the one that prosecutes board members in the private sector for negligence and culpable responsibility. The one I’d draught would make it a criminal offence to waste tax payers money, punishable by expulsion from both post and party, and a lifetime ban from re-entering politics or any public post where tax payers money is involved.

  6. I just cannot understand how he can just flout the law and not give up the information that has been demanded from him at least half a dozen times. It’s one law for the people and one for the Tory politicians. Come on Judge, put your foot down, don’t let him waste any more of our money. The information has been available for months – make him give it up NOW.

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