Seema Kumar shoves leaflets in Rupa Huq's face

London Tories were left red-faced at the weekend after footage emerged of activists in the marginal constituency of Ealing Central and Acton physically manhandling a Labour candidatesimply for talking to Boris Johnson on the street.

While one senior campaigner was sacked from MP Angie Bray’s team, Councillor Seema Kumar — who was could not hide her glee while shoving leaflets into Rupa Huq’s face — has gone to ground.

Has she apologised? Nope. Has she responded to requests for comment? Nope.

In fact, she appears to have been rewarded with a place in the Tories’ shadow cabinet for 2015/16:

Cllr Seema Kumar in 2015/16 cabinet

Scrapbook has referred Cllr Kumar to Ealing Council Standards Committee.

  1. Tories never change, my wife and I were cast to one side in Dunstable back in the 70s when Ted Heath was doing a walkabout.
    We were just shopping, minding our own business, when we were roughly pushed into the road by a couple of Tory heavies.
    I thought they were bullying scum then, and haven’t been given much reason to change my opinion since.
    They behave like they’ve just waded ashore with William the Bastard and his genocidal mob.

  2. jason smith says:

    Tory Scum, i woulder how she would feel if i shoved a bunch of pro ukip leaflets into her face while grinning like the cat from alice in wonder land?

    If its that easy to get a place with the tory’s the perhaps Nigel should try this lol

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