These are the appalling scenes captured by Newsnight and photographer Chip Somodevilla in which a Labour MP candidate (pint-sized sociology lecturer Rupa Huq) has leaflets shoved in her face and is grabbed from behind by both armssimply for engaging Boris Johnson as he campaigned in the London marginal of Ealing Central and Acton.

Local Tory MP Angie Bray can clearly be seen grinning in the background, doing nothing whatsoever to restrain her own campaigners.

While Boris claimed not to know that Huq was Labour’s parliamentary candidate in the constituency, the same cannot be said for those grappling with her.

The grabbing-both-of-your-arms was performed by the Tories former deputy chairman Karim Sacoor, who looked to be marshalling Boris’ visit.

Karim Sacoor

The leaflets-in-your-face were courtesy of Ealing Broadway councillor Seema Kumar:

Seema Kumar shoves leaflets in Rupa Huq's face

Seema Kumar

Perhaps Angie Bray can explain what she found so amusing.

  1. Boris and his … Acting like third world… Boris you have bright future over there …

  2. The sense of entitlement is palpable – Nasty and proven incompetent – running like cowards from genuine debate, the Tories STILL believe they have the right to run the country however they see fit…

  3. Anonymous says:

    “A Women asks her Doctor can you get pregnant from anal sex?” The doctor replied, “Of course. Where do you think Conservative Supporters come from “

  4. Carol Norwell says:

    At what point does grabbing someone, pushing them and behaving like a thug translate to getting nicked…because it should. Our candidates should be behaving like sensible adults and showing young people and children how to behave. If I was in the constituency I would actually change my vote based on this.

  5. Pauline Oldford says:


  6. Are these the same sort of people who complain about electoral malpractice in other countries?

  7. Anonymous says:

    tory thugs -cowardly -should apologise -Johnson seems to relish in it -pathetic clown

  8. John Smith says:

    Not exactly as apparent as it seems. The fact that she was wearing as Labour Rosette could have been a disguise. She could have been an Islamic Terrorist seeking to attack the Mayor. Restraining her may have been the sensible initial option

  9. TomHalloran says:

    Because of BNP thugs in this part of the world, I have had to put up with bullying for the last ten years. This violence does not surprise me. Charges should be brought civilly if the police will not charge them with assault. The only positive out of this appalling assault is that we can look forward to a Labour government on May 8th!!!!! Then the Tories will not be laughing at our candidates and assaulting them!!!!

  10. SYLVIA GALVIN says:

    that poor girl must have been scared half to death tiny as she is she should report them all for assault with the backing of labour

  11. It is what constituency politics is all about, by the fight we can see what the prospective members are really about. . . You have to feel sorry for Boris’s prospective constituency though, do the constituences know what they could be getting?

  12. Wiloughby Hart says:

    Thats how Tories treat ladies when they are well brought up. When they are not condesending they are bullying,they must be very worried!

  13. Assault on a woman via camera

    This person should be charged immediately and if the met police don’t then there is a discrimination complaint liable immediately upon the met police too

  14. And don’t forget the recent attack on Ed Milliband. In that attack, as well as recent protests in London, the Conservative ‘protestors’ dressed in SNP t shirts masking their faces. There seems to be a nasty undercurrent in the Tory Party where this kind of behaviour is acceptable.

  15. Not a Tory says:

    if the Tories win they will cripple the working class, if they Loose they will break the workers !

  16. Do you ever wonder why many Scots want to distance themselves (as far as possible) from the Tories ?

  17. I wonder if Karim Sacoor is acting upon his possible belief that women are worth less than men,and therefore should not be seen or heard in public approaching a male,seems a fundamental belief in the middle eastern male.

  18. Dave Coull says:

    Both Karim Sakoor and Seema Kumar should be arrested and charged with assault. The evidence of violence against them both is incontrovertible. As for the Tory candidate, Angie Bray, grinning, and clearly approving her supporters’ violence, she is a disgrace, but, unlike Karim Sakoor and Seema Kumar, she has not committed a criminal offence.

  19. What Karim Saccor did is nothing less then GBH – Grievous Body Harm and should be charged for it, What Seema Kapoor did, just goes onto show how desperate the Conservatives really are – they will stoop down to any level.

  20. Blacksmith says:

    This is typical Tory behavior. Had the same in the Thatcher era. Churchill lied. Thatcher lied. Major lied and this crowd have lied more than all those put together! People look at Johnson and say ‘comical man’ but he is a dangerous man. Don’t be fooled by the ‘idiot’ act. This is all planned to fool the electorate. Kapoor should be reminded that this is England, You cannot do things like he did. It was definitely assault. As for Kumar, what do you expect? She’s a Tory. My local MP is a Tory but started off as a Labour man. When he was told he wasn’t good enough for putting forward as a Labour candidate he jumped ship and has proved the local Labour party were correct in their judgement!! He’s rubbish. Five years wasted. Sorry about the rant folks. I just hate Tories.

  21. John Cross says:

    I cannot believe that kapoor did to a woman simply trying to put her views to the mayor of London the Tory party preach one thing about working class people should be respectful to the superiors and work hard and fill there pockets.

    What Mr kapoor did is a criminal act that most people would have been arrested for and charged with A B H and to do it to a woman brave enough to to stand up for her rights as a human being and free person of Great Britain she is show more guts that all of the Tory thugs that they let lose on the streets maskerading as politicians is this who Mr kapoor acts in the councils at meetings.
    As far as Johnson is concerned he did not even try to come to the lady’s aid not even a word Mr kapoor has the look of and English football thug why would any polictical figure dress like that the whole incident is discusting and prove how the Tory party if relected will go on running the country by you do as we say not what t he people of the UK want.
    Would Mr kapoor have done that to a man who could stand up to him?.. What a cowardly act.

    Regards to all,

    John cross Harrow England

  22. Jean innes says:

    Boris claims not to have known it was the candidate. Does it matter? This behaviour is abhorrent whoever the lady is. They behaved appalling and she should be ashamed.

  23. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    Hey, Paul; see how much you would be laughing if someone grabbed your mother like that. Still laughing?

  24. it doesn’t matter whether the buffoon didn’t realise she was a political opponent she is a human being and no such treatment should happen in a democratic country it is sad to see the way this election campaign has been run by the major parties you should all be ashamed of your behaviours and let the voters chose for whatever reason they chose to vote for. Tolerance has been preached in the past by our politicians pity they do not practice what they preach.

  25. If I were Rupa Haq I would have that thug charged with assault, I can’t believe he hasn’t already been arrested. As for Boris the Baffoon he knew exactly what was going on. How desperate are they now looking and behaving. Just shows what these idiots thing of ordinary hard working people.

  26. eastridingbigden says:


  27. The Tories should be prosecuted and disqualified this is a personal matter for the police to be involved with this. Nothing but thugs if you ask me the poor woman should get them showed up for who the yruelly are. THE DIRTY BLUES

  28. Sarah nicholas says:

    This is for Paul I saw an article from the guardian. I believe that it is quite conservative. They advocate for a labour win. That is probably why those Tories attacked her. They are running scared

  29. Don’t get angry. Get even. Next Thursday. At your local polling station.

    Terrifying to think, if people do not get off their backsides and vote, we could well have to put up with this shite for another five years – with the country sold off to foreign investors.

  30. Alan price says:

    they are only interested in their own sort, they do not like us working class people, they are cruel to animals and to the public who are against them evil people, the ones in the photo’s should have been charged with assault, why do they get away with it?

  31. Appalling behaviour. There is no other ‘professional’ arena where this would be tolerated. And they wonder why people would rather watch game of thrones than support the joke that is today’s political gravy train hangers on.

  32. Henry Ridley-Cook says:

    Regardless of any political motive or the circumstances around it, this clearly looks to be what is called Common Assault and and Ms Huq (or anyone else in this situation regardless of political motive/age/gender) are within there rights to report this to the police.

  33. Allan Gater you are a total idiot when you say she got what she deserved, if it was you you wouldn’t like it,let me tell you all if the tories get back in that for Sale sign will go over the country and all and sundry be invited into buying anything else that we have left that isn’t privatised yet UK beware let’s get Noddy and Big ears out of their toy town ideas,we are not puppets and should not be treated as such.

  34. Norbert Panhandle says:

    Really? I had to watch the vid three times to see an ‘assault’. She was harassing Boris, who clearly didn’t want to talk to her. Any member of the public would have been treated the same way. And she’s hardly distressed by the ‘ordeal’. What a lot of fuss over nothing.

  35. Ross Davies says:

    @ Norbert Panhandle Obviously, your notions of what constitutes an assault are coloured by your misguided political views. Never met a Rightist who was not ready to promote their views with violence. Touching and restraining someone against their will is an assault. So this is where it has got to in this country where politicians who go into the street to “Meet and greet” can only be spoken to with deference and in an unchallenging way. Why not just change the party logo to a swastika?

  36. Stewart Maxwell says:

    Your Comment is awaiting moderation, for nearly 24 hours, technical speak for it is not going up as the English public might actually get to see the Westminster propaganda media machine in action. Keep on believing the anti-Scottish poison, that you are being dripfed by the Capitalist Establishments Media. Machine, WAKE UP ENGLAND.

  37. You have to remember Boris and Cameron were both members of the Bullingdon Club, privileged young men who believed they could go around behaving like hooligans because their families were rich, and still end up running the country.
    And when Cameron boasted that Jeremy Clarkson was a friend, that was the signal that it is OK to abuse and bully the “lower orders” if they displease you. That so many people seemed to agree (without thinking they might be the ones hit) shows how far downhill this country has got with this lot in government. The behaviour of these Tories in Ealing is encouraged from the top. We can’t afford to leave them in.

  38. Mark Jackson says:

    Here we go again adults acting like children the lot of them should be thrown out of politics! Disgusting luckily it’s down south.

  39. Bullingdon bully surrounds himself with sycophantic bullying muscle. Nothing new for Johnson who is a well-educated boorish thug who hides behind cleverly phrased comments peppered with classical references that mean nothing. When confronted with real, every day, issues, he flounders and resorts to his true aggressive browbeating and hectoring nature.

    The mask slipped when Ed Miliband put him on the spot on TV 8 days ago. That’s the real Johnson. An incompetent buffoon who resorts to aggression when articulation fails him.

  40. Wilford Holness says:

    My comment does not refer to anything in the physical sense. However, on the campaign trail I have witnessed rivalry, rancour and petty jealousy of such viciousness that does nothing for the promotion of vibrant communities and a caring and compassionate society. I am really concerned about a number of very elderly people who fall within this category.

  41. Mark Kearon says:

    Very unprofessional of you to interrupt his campaigning, but you should have been politely asked to leave and make an appointment!
    I am sure you would not like a load of tories in your face when you were campaigning around the constituency?!

  42. Dorothy Corkill says:

    There is no excuse for bad or aggressive behaviour at any time. The Labour lady should have reported the assault to the police, but at lest this footage shows that BJ has some very dodgy followers which should ring danger signals to the more civilised among us.

  43. Norbert Panhandl says:

    @ Ross Davies – Great to hear your assumption of my ‘misguided political views’. Just as an FYI – I have no allegiance to any party, and have never voted (cue outrage).

    I have issue with this being turned into something it’s not. People are talking about sexism and racism, where it’s simply one person harassing another person, and being discouraged from doing so. The force used is not ‘shocking’ or ‘violent’, and the ‘victim’ continues unabated.

    As to all those questioning why this hasn’t been taken further – that’s because it would get thrown out of any court as a waste of time. I think people’s dislike for the Tory party might be clouding their judgment somewhat.

  44. Norbert, I’ve just looked at the video only to see that it stopped short of the subsequent events captured in photographs. So your opinion on being grabbed from behind by a much larger man and having paper stuffed in your face, how would you react? In a cowardly manner making excuses for the clown who thinks he or she can act like that? I hope not.
    Also your definition of “harassment” says more about your aversion to questioning politicians. The man was out to meet the people, being heckled, harangued, jostled and abused is an essential part of democracy, live with it.
    Finally can someone update this blog with what action is being taken to get the perpetrators of this assault punished?

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