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If you thought that a Tory majority government ostensibly being led by a moderniser might dull the instincts of social conservatives then think again. Conservative Woman founder and co-editor Laura Perrins has dedicated an entire post to her assertion that Labour leadership candidate Chuka Umunna not being married, errrr, “sets off alarm bells”.

Those wondering why Perrins never paused to consider whether this is any of her business should familiarise themselves with her oeuvre for the Telegraph and Catholic Herald, among others:

From today’s piece:

“If Mr Umunna has been dragging his heals [sic] over his decision to get hitched it means one of three things. It could mean he is lazy and is not bothered with getting married; it could mean he is unromantic and ‘does not see the point of getting married’ (as is the way in the hip liberal North London set); or, he is a narcissist and he thinks no woman is really good enough for him. None of these traits is attractive.

This is bad enough when taken at face value. But could it actually be something far more sinister: namely a dog-whistle attack?

Some of the comments below the piece might suggest so.

  1. I don’t know how often you read ‘The Conservative Woman’ Blog, but it is run by people who believe that the Conservative Party was taken over by Metropolitan Lefties as soon as David Cameron became leader. They support UKIP, and their comments about Cameron both in the Articles and the Comments are no more complimentary to him than they are about Chuka Umunna.

  2. Deeply offensive piece, from someone who comes over as judgemental and fairly unpleasant herself.
    To be fair she’s come in for quite a bit of stick from her readership. If I am correct in thinking what she’s attempting to imply, she must surely be aware that the Tory party has and has had its fair share of lavender scented members. All pretending to be other than where nature directed them.

  3. Can’t stand the man (New Labour stooge who talks a brilliant game whilst saying nothing – give me firebrand leftism with passion please), but this is just utter tripe, and makes wherever she is from sound like The League Of Gentlemen.

    Couldn’t give a toss about politicians sexual interests (as long as they aren’t playing the family man and lecturing us on morals whilst cheating, or spouting homophobic crap whilst being secretly gay). Why doesn’t she give us her view of Boris Johnson’s relationship morality…

  4. Since I’m Catholic, read the Catholic Herald and am opposed same sex marriage on the grounds that it is not a marriage in Natural Law, I hardly see that as being a crime. Then again, I’m sure Labour will be working on making it one but since they just lost the election, there’s no chance of that yet, thank goodness.

    Since Ed Miliband proposed legislating against Islamophobia, even though the Islamists of ISIS are slaughtering Christians in the Middle East or evicting them from their ancient communities, such as Mosul, I’m thankful for the fact he wasn’t elected.

    After all, we all know how much Labour is attached to its Muslim vote. Why the anti-Catholic dig?

    As for Chuka Obama, the fact he’s single is neither here not there, though many amongst Labour thought it would hamstring Gordon Brown’s leadership bid – even Tony Blair.

    Ted Heath, The Conservative PM from 1970-74 was also unmarried and I don’t recall it being an issue then.

    There are many heterosexual people who are unmarried and this is by circumstance, as opposed to desire.

    I keep hearing Labour need to widen their appeal and build a broad coalition but I don’t see any evidence of that so far. Since I haven’t voted Labour since 1992, the well being on the Labour Party is of little or no interest to me.

    If I were a Labour Party supporter, I would start to address the issue of selecting candidates for Parliament that actually appear normal and have had a real job outside of politics. Ed Miliband may have been the bee knees Up North London, but not in Scotland or Up North England. It may be grim Up North England, but it’s even grimmer Up North London since last Thursday.

    Chuka’s problem isn’t that he’s single, but that he’s a Blair Clone, Metropolitanista and a former lawyer! He’s also seen as aloof, smug, and far removed from many of Labour’s core voters as you can get. If Labour thinks he’s the lad to lead the Labour revival in Scotland, they are much mistaken.

    Mind you, I don’t see Andy “Mid Staffs NHS” Burnham, Yvetter “Flip my home 3 times” Cooper or Liz “Who she?” Kendall or Tristram “Posh Patrician” Hunt doing so either.

  5. I’m not sure why the Labour party should be expected to give a two toed toss what someone from the “Conservative Woman” blog thinks about anything. This person probably wouldn’t vote Labour if they were promising free ice cream.

  6. It’s a Ukip site, not a Tory one, and predictably ghastly from start to finish. Perrins is particularly unhinged.

  7. How bizarre. Just as the Labour Party’s luminaries realise that they’ve spent the past 5 years living in a social media bubble, Political Scrapbook decides to spend its time writing about … another political blog. You need to get out more.

  8. Neil Jennison says:

    I don’t really understand why she wrote that. Though I would add Conservative Woman is nothing to do with the Tory Party.

    I think homosexual acts are immoral. I oppose gay marriage. But these are my beliefs and if Chukka were a homosexual that should not interfere with his chances to be PM.

    Not that I think he is. What should debar him from being PM is his awful socialist views.

  9. Neil Jennison, what views held by Chukka Umunna do you classify as awful and Socialist? Socialists believe in equal rights for all, fairness, supporting the vulnerable not hounding them, the NHS, human rights etc. Surely as a Christian you’d believe in them too,..

  10. Jill … you say (quote) that ‘Socialists believe in equal rights for all, fairness, supporting the vulnerable not hounding them…..’ Not True! Socialists only do this if people agree with the same thing that socialists agree with; they simply cannot stand anyone who has a different view – you are not allowed to have a different view. Even in the UK think of all the people who quite genuinely believe that gay marriage is wrong – hounded out of their jobs if they dare express a view. Or Christians persecuted for their faith and who express it by wearing a cross. Or in a wider context what about the tens of millions across the world ‘eliminated’ by socialist Governments over the last century because they didn’t follow the socialist line (China, USSR, Vietnam, Khmer Republic etc etc etc. Socialism can be quite as nasty as any right wing extreme ideology.

  11. Neil Griffiths says:

    Who cares about his sexuality? Nasty if he’s felt hounded out of going for the Labour top job just because of this – cheers, a UKipper…

  12. As someone who reads a lot of political websites, I had never heard of conservative women before you mentioned them. Just who is dog whistling who?

  13. Nice one PSB… Perhaps go ‘nudge’ yourself back to the bigoted shithole you came from. You’re clearly too scared to say what is is you really want to say about Chuka.

  14. Well if Chuka (who wants a leader with a name like that) really has pulled out because he doesn’t want it publicised he”s a closet fudgepacker then don’t think he’s that clever for tossing his helmet into the ring in the first place. All the candidates so far seem to me to be perennial losers especially that chipper Northern idiot who drones on and on in a strange accent.

  15. Dave Larkin says:

    Personally I think this story is an unhelpful distraction from the far more important question of whether, if this shallow, manipulative non-entity is really the best they can offer, the Labour Party will ever be fit to govern. Chuka Umanna may or may not be gay, it really doesn’t matter. He definitely should not be a contender to lead this country; this is far more important.

  16. I’m no labour voter but we do need to have a strong opposition for a good democracy. Labour need to find someone who can relate to workers, some metropolitan lawyer is not it. We have enough of them in all the parties.

  17. Rex Harrison says:

    There is another alternative that the writer ignores. The UK electorate may not be ready for its first black and gay PM. (Let’s keep Ted Heath out of the discussion)

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