If looks could kill. Esther McVey’s replacement at DWP did not look impressed to be asked about whether she still supports the death penalty:

“that comment was made a long time ago and is not relevant to today’s political debate”

By “comment” Priti means extended exchanges on Question Time and by “a long time ago” she means September 2011.

Having explained that she wasn’t swayed by Ian Hislop’s arguments about miscarriages of justice, this exchange with the Private Eye editor seemed to amuse the audience (Hislop from 4:32):

Hislop: Are you saying all they were guilty all these people [who have unsafe convictions]?
Patel: No I’m not saying they were guilty.
Hislop: But they’d be dead.
Patel: No.
Hislop: They would!
Patel: The point is this is about having deterrents. If you have strong deterrents …
Hislop: It’s not a deterrent killing the wrong people!

“I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again.”

But not if it’s going to damage my ministerial career.

  1. Typical evasion and more proof like the vast majority of Tories these days who are not conservatives, but corporatists. She’s a prime example of corporatism. She represents only the interests of multinationals, just like when she was a PR / lobbyist stooge, and won’t say anything that could jeopardise her making loads money in a future career.

    I disagree with the death penalty but I would respect a traditional conservative or indeed a traditional labour politician expressing support, rather than this evasion. Bob Crow (RIP) was in favour of it after all, and at least he was blunt and honest about it, along with his views on the EU and immigration, even if it did not tally with what the political class want to hear.

  2. Considering Esther McVey’s brief appeared to be to drive as many disabled people as possible to suicide, it looks like Duncan-Smith has got a suitable replacement!

  3. She will make a great replacement for McVey. They both have that corporate coldness, lecturing us mere simpletons like HR managers…

  4. Nigel Baldwin says:

    For the record, I was a strong believer in the death penalty too – until the release of Stefan Kiszko.

  5. Call Me Dave says:

    By not saying categorically that she does not now believe in the death penalty she has in fact made it crystal clear that she still does.

    No doubt she would like to do the be-headings herself and being a true corporate Tory she would insist that the video be on pay per view television.

    Yet another slug who needs to be introduced to salt, the Tories seem to have a whole conveyor belt of them.

    Dave “let them eat cake” Cameron must be so proud

  6. Chris Powell says:

    Awful woman spouting utter one-sided poppycock..

    “No one thinks of the victims…” And she doesn’t think of the ‘victims of justice’ and the families of those innocents put to death as a result of state sanctioned murder.

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