Mark Britnell with Jeremy Hunt

They say you can judge a man by the company he keeps. On this basis, Scrapbook doubts Jeremy Hunt will be looking to promote the photo above — smiling alongside the private health consultant who famously advised a conference organised by a private equity firm how to “take advantage” of the NHS — which would be “shown no mercy” by the Tories.

The image of KPMG head of health Mark Britnell alongside the health secretary has been unearthed in a report by the consulting firm from last year.

Department of Health hospitality registers — which do not include attendance at conferences or ‘refreshments’ — would suggest the conference platform is by no means the only contact his team have with KPMG health and Britnell himself.

Special adviser Paul Harrison had dinner with KPMG in May 2014 followed by Hunt himself the next month on 10 June. And Britnell was later pictured waiting for Hunt at another event on 1 July.

The report from which the image is taken is called ‘Staying Power’.

As another controversial private sector associate of the health secretary once said: “You have stamina daddy!”

  1. So the government are going ahead with plans to privatise despite the public makinhg it clear they want a continuing NHS service. Believe me i am now working in the private sector, having worked inNHS for years. The Nhs is head & shoulders above! The nhs was destroyed by government creating & allowing a blame culture. The private sector pay carers minimum wage, charge a fortune forvery basic care & the care is mediocre.!! Do what the people who voted for you, on the understanding you would fulfil your prophecy, want.

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