Iain Duncan Smith laughing

With the Tories’ election triumph turning £12 billion in welfare cuts from a coalition bargaining chip into something they are actually committed to deliver, squirming Iain Duncan Smith has had mates brief the Observer on his “confidence” in delivering on their manifesto:

A second source close to Duncan Smith confirmed that the cabinet minister believed that there could be no “salami slicing” of the welfare budget, but insisted that he was committed to the £12bn figure and was “confident he can do that”

Errrrr. Just don’t mention the time he told a national newspaper (£) that such a level of cuts would amount to balancing the books on the backs of the poor — saying he would block previously proposed (lower) cuts of £10 billion:

“There is in my view no such thing as an easy target in welfare. Some people think there is: until I show them where we spend the money”

“My view is that you have a responsibility to support people in difficulty. It’s a prime concern of ours — we can’t run away from that.”

IDS is now spinning that this level of savings can only be achieved along with significant “structural reform”.

Perhaps he can remind us who was responsible for delivering structural reform of the benefit system during the last parliament … and then cocked it all up?

  1. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    I fully expect them to put VAT up again, like they did last time after assuring everyone they had no plans to do so.

  2. gary baldie says:

    How about they stop giving themselves 10% yearly pay rises and cut their yearly wage by 100grand that would save a hell of a lot of money Greedy Nazis

  3. will symons says:

    Gary Baldie – the MPs don’t give themselves pay rises, and MPs don’t earn £100k. Use of the word Nazis is particularly offensive and displays a shocking ignorance or respect for history. So all in all – an utterly worthless and inaccurate comment. well done.

  4. #willsymonssays 1)yes they do; 2) have you added up all elements of MP remuneration packages? 3) what is being done to the most vulnerable in this society is most certainly on a par with the Nazi regime, even if this comment doesn’t spell it out. so all in all, a totally useless criticism of a perfectly valid comment. ’nuff said.

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