Iain Duncan Smith in a select committee

Iain Duncan Smith to the Telegraph on a vote for UKIP:

“I would simply appeal to them to say, honestly this is a risk that is no longer a protest, but it’s like a suicide note”

The secretary of state for work and pensions should know a thing or two about such notes: his own department is refusing to publish 60 internal reviews into suicides linked to benefits changes.

And they are by no means the only deaths linked to DWP policies. IDS failed to show up for a hustings in his own constituency which was addressed by the sister of an army veteran who died after sanctions left him with no money to refrigerate his insulin.

Organisers were told that he had been “called away to the north-west of the country” after a “late change to his schedule”.

So perhaps not the best analogy for this particular politician.

  1. I despise UKIP
    and that means every aspect of it’s leader and 99% of it’s “policies” – but even they have yet to sink as low as this cesspit of a man…
    Death is too good for him.

  2. Like the word ‘hate’, ‘evil’ is a word which I believe should only be used with the utmost consideration.

    For me to describe IDS as evil therefore is no fanciful jibe but a deeply considered opinion.

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