Victoria Borwick mansion

Malcolm Rifkind’s presumptive successor as MP for Kensington is off to an uncertain start if her performance at a recent Age UK hustings is anything to go by.

Responding to a question on the lack of affordable family housing in the area, the £110,000-a-year councillor and deputy mayor of London Lady Victoria Borwick — who herself lives in an imposing double-fronted property — suggested that the housing crisis could be addressed by allowing squatters into empty homes.

The absurd suggestion that squatting might be the answer to the assembled pensioners’ housing needs was compounded by her own lack of knowledge:

The would be MP for the extremes-of-rich-and-poor seat obviously didn’t know that squatting had been criminalised in 2012 by the, errr, Conservative led government.

  1. One wonders at this stage if the establishment of this country know anything about anything other then the acquisition of money, have any conception of reality and finally if they are born devoid of compassion or is it instilled into them by their rampantly greedy, ignorant parents.
    Without change at a very fundamental level, the locking up of paedophile politicians, the locking up of corrupt and sociopathic politicians, the jailing of corrupt bankers and corporate business CEOs who flout the law at will for their own gains and finally a government who no longer serve the people but see the people as the enemy to be played, manipulated and used to the fullest measure in order to enrich a handful of criminals.
    Rather sick of this. When will as a nation have the courage to change, the courage to look beneath our own immediate needs to the state o0f this country.

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