Government front bench

Above is the government front bench at a PMQs in early 2014. Below is the front cover of the Tory manifesto, which is being launched today in Swindon.

Can you see what they’ve done?

Tory manifesto 2015

While half of those on the manifesto front cover are women (Nicky Morgan, Theresa May, Esther McVey), less than a quarter of David Cameron’s cabinet are female — despite a Summer reshuffle which saw a number of pale, male and stale MPs demoted or sacked.

What’s more, McVey isn’t actually a cabinet minister.

  1. Using McVey also skilfully keeps IDS out of sight (& out of mind, they wish)

    I think Labour would do well to remind the electorate on a daily basis of all the misery and waste he’s responsible for

  2. Just as bad as Labour’s great PMQ session where they bussed in every woman imaginable to appear a party of equality whereas in reality their shadow cabinet was broadly similar to the coalition cabinet in proportion terms!

  3. Jonathan Wilson says:

    Using Fester McVile (Minster for death of the poor) was probably not a good idea, especially as she might loose her seat. As my lad is wont to say “LoLz.”

  4. Oh I see why they included the bald bloke (I can’t remember his name). It’s to show they’re diverse – not because he’s bald but because he’s not white. Subtle stuff.

  5. Surely having Esther McVey on the cover qualifies this as a devil-worshipping pamphlet? I suppose in many ways it would be anyway.

  6. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    Without the liars in the right-wing press these evil clowns wouldn’t get anywhere near Number 10.

  7. Perhaps they should have an all-women short-list, or ‘do a Harriet Harman’ & have an all-husband short-list!!

  8. Look at a full Westminster parliament and you see few women on either side of the floor of the House of Commons.

    TUSC, fielding 113 MP candidates and over 600 councillor candidates on Thursday 7 May is awash with women candidates.

    SNP and Plaid Cymru, the Leaders are Women.

    Vote TUSC, SNP and Plaid Cymru and get a huge number of women into the UK parliament, all of them anti austerity cuts.

    See some of these women candidates at:

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