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With 103 ‘business leaders’ signing up to a co-ordinated attack on Labour in the TelegraphScrapbook detects the hand of the prime minister’s wife, a consultant to £4,500 crocodile iPad case manufacturers, Smythson.

The letter — which claims that Labour would “threaten jobs and deter investment” — has a conspicuously high number of signatories linked to high-end fashion, design and luxury goods. Sam Cam would boast a formidable contact book in these sectors, not only through her role with Smythson — but as ‘fashion ambassador’ and host of an annual London Fashion Week bash at Number 10.

  • Mark Esiri, Old Etonian private equity exec — and Sam Cam’s boss at Smythson
  • Anya Hindmarsh, luxury handbag designer
  • Robert Bensoussan, sometime Jimmy Choo and LK Bennett boss
  • John Ayton MBE and Annoushka Ducas MBE, husband and wife founders of jewellery firm Links of London
  • Chrissie Rucker MBE, founder of The White Company, mentors young girls alongside Sam Cam
  • Neil Clifford, boss of Kurt Geiger
  • Ray Kelvin OBE, founder of Ted Baker
  • Jonathan Newhousechairman of lifestyle and fashion publisher Conde Nast
  • Jenny Halpern Prince, fashion PR and another Number 10 Fashion Week guest
  • Sir Philip Green, tax avoider and chairman of Topshop owner Arcadia
  • Wendy Hallett, high street fashion entrepreneur, formerly of Arcadia
  • Julian Granville, managing director of Boden
  • Nick Robertson, co-founder of ASOS
  • Steven Cohen, CEO of Blue Inc

Is this really all just a coincidence?

As The Media Blog remarks:

“Throughout the list there are people with all sorts of personal ties to the Camerons and senior party members, with personal as well as business reasons why they would want Cameron to be successful – from family friends to people who holiday with the Camerons, to party donors, to government contractors and advisers.

“Although the list stretches the definition of “business leaders” in some places there’s no denying many are successful business figures and major UK employers but they are also rich Tory supporters declaring their entirely predictable support for a rich Tory government.

Visiting UKIP-held Rochester, today was indeed Samantha Cameron’s first involvement in the 2015 Tory campaign — but probably in more ways than immediately apparent.

  1. This stunt is remarkably similar to those pulled in the Scottish referendum. That had the combined ‘talents’ of Blair McDougall, John McTernan and Lynton Crosby in the background making it the dirtiest campaign I have ever had the displeasure to see. After two years cutting their teeth on this as a united front, we now see these ‘frenemies’ turn against one another using the same tactics. This will be certainly the most interesting campaign for a General Election and probably the dirtiest.

  2. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    So the only conclusion one can draw from this is that the sainted Samantha Cameron is just as disingenuous as her husband, assuming she signed off on this, and one can only assume she has.

  3. How many of those will be netted by the Mansion Tax. If you go around dishing out massive tax cuts to millionaires, there’s every chance they’ll vote for you. This wasn’t a genuine news story, it was dog bites man. Unfortunately, the likes of Conor Pope of Labour List helped to give the story legs, with BBC rolling news reporting his defeatist tweet at every opportunity.

  4. John Cooper says:

    Pure propaganda from friends and Chronies.
    Knocked up article show desperation in the Tories camp?

  5. Brett Harrison says:

    This letter is so predictable. The Conservatives cronies who speak for the few. Only Labour have the prospect of reaching out to the majority. Only a Labour government can bring hope and ease the pressure on ordinary families living standards which have suffered at the hands of the nasty tories austerity programme.
    Another 5 years of Cameron & Osbourne will bring a further wave of austerity which will only further harm and marginalise our already fractured society.

  6. There is one redeeming factor in this election, which is the rise of UKIP. As greedy, grabbing and insidious as the Tories and every bit as conniving. On the bright side though, they’ll split the right wing vote in enough constituencies to put a new government in power.

    I just hope Ed Miliband and Labour are up to the job.

  7. Stuart Naylor says:

    Sign and share that and get people in numbers.

    If you work full time for three months its just common decency to be offered a contract so at least you are not dangled on a string and know that tomorrow may not mean nothing.

    The point isn’t that they are affiliated with the Tories, its just a very simple workers right.
    As they say is a hugely small percentage and will not affect the economy one jot.
    What it does is display the contempt these people have for your everyday common person on what are relatively low and crappy wages.

    How can they even support this argument?

  8. Joe Gallacher says:

    Well well it seems you are all forgetting one thing the SNP are coming and will be ruining any chance of the Tory boy getting elected thankfully . Whether London likes this or not it’s a fact I can hear the trembling from way up here in Scotland and it is gratifying to think that . You are really so out of touch in London it’s like the Vatican what happens outside is of no consequence as you think it is the centre of the earth it is not and why not you say . Because Nicola Sturgeon is coming she is no Iron Lady she is titanium and can’t wait to rip into these so called gentlemen , watch tonight if you dare it’s 8pm on itv her oratory skills will have them whimpering and running for cover a change is gonna come so suck it up Yuppies or surrender to the inevitable ..

  9. Are these people not employers. – who know how badly past socialist governments have damaged this country. Blair brought this place to its knees. Brown almost finished us off. What a bunch of misguided misfits the Labour Party are. Let’s hope the British electorate have a memory !

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