Edging Labour by just a singe point in Lord Ashcroft’s constituency polling from January, government minister and serial fibber Simon Hughes seems to have hit upon a novel way to maximise the political utility of old campaign signs — painting over the bit which mentions the Lib Dems!

But at least Hughesey’s materials don’t feature Nick Clegg. Last month Scrapbook reported on analysis by the crowdsourced website ElectionLeaflets.org, for which not a single leaflet sent to the site mentioned the Lib Dem leader.

With 174 party leaflets now submitted to the site, Clegg’s tally has now increased to, errr, four percent — by far the lowest of the seven mainstream parties.

Election leaflets chart 2015

While Miliband, Farage and the Greens’ Natalie Bennett are clustered around higher but still relatively lowly percentages, a whopping 71% of SNP leaflets feature a picture of Nicola Sturgeon.

Perhaps unsurprising given her stellar personal ratings.

  1. Nice to see a Lib Dem politician acknowledge the fact that after May 7th there will no longer be a party called Liberal Democrat, so congrats Simon Hughes on your fortune telling ability. Now if you can just post the Lottery Numbers you get my vote, lol just joking no amount of money would tempt me to vote for your particular brand of broken promises and fairy-tale aspirations.

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