NUS Lib Dem ad van

The National Union of Students are to erect billboards and send ad vans to Nick Clegg’s constituency — targeting the deputy prime minister amongst other MPs who they claim “traded lies for power” over tuition fees.

31 Lib Dems and two Conservatives are on an NUS ‘hit list’, after they signed a union pledge to oppose any rise in university fees in the run up to the 2010 election — before either doing the opposite or just not bothering to turn up to vote.

NUS president Toni Pearce — who voted for Clegg and the Lib Dems in 2010 — said:

“It’s payback time. I’d like to say directly to Nick Clegg that your apology won’t cover any of the £40,000 debt that students will graduate with for the first time this summer.

“They pledged to scrap tuition fees – they lied. We won’t let them trade lies for power again. We represent seven million students and are urging every single one across the country to vote against broken pledges.”

Liar Liar NUS campaign

The Lib Dems’ terror of students was the impetus for banning universities from block registering them in halls.

  1. The pledge also asked for a fairer deal for students – which was delivered because of the more favourable repayment terms (see for verification).

    Seems to me that the NUS can’t even remember their own pledge!

  2. The pledge was to vote against any increase in fees and I hardly see how tripling them amounts to a fair deal.

  3. Unlike Labour, who promised not to introduce top-up fees and then did as a majority government in 2004.

  4. As a student “represented” by NUS I don’t feel represented at all, terrible organisation run but idiots happy to protest everything and not do anything

  5. Michael, being part of a Union, whether as a student or in the workplace, means you take part and don’t just sit back if you don’t like how you’re being represented. The same applies to political candidates and broken pledges, unless you’re happy with paying 9 grand a year that you’ll be saddled with for years to come?

  6. Call Me Dave says:

    If it wasn’t a broken promise then why did Clegg feel the need to apologize…. more than once.
    The fact Labour introduced the fees when they said they would not is also despicable but I can’t remember any Labour politician travelling around campuses for photo opportunities with students in front of placards stating No Fees.

  7. PAUL THE RED says:

    Well done to the NUS, Clegg blatantly lied to all students to get elected in 2010, then when you voted for him he let you all down on his promise to you. Don’t forget you young people will have a vote for next 60 years or so as well as your loan debts. I studied history, I think the Lib Dems are history also. Great campaign NUS, congratulations.

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