James Blunt tax havens

Proposals for a Mansion Tax received a boost today, with news that singer James Blunt doesn’t like the policy.

The reviled crooner told the Speccie’s Steerpike column:

“I don’t agree with the mansion tax but it’s not because of my own interests. I am looking out for the grannies.

It is at least possible that this statement could be truthful.

Not only does Blunt live in the elite Swiss ski resort of Verbier as an alleged tax exile, but the loyal British Army veteran has previously stated that he actually wants to become a Swiss national:

“As soon as the authorities will let me, because I don’t know if I’ve been here a sufficiently long time, I would like to become Swiss

But his apparent enthusiasm for tax havens doesn’t end there.

Blunt appeared on a leaked list of HSBC’s Jersey account holders, having deposited more than £2 million in the jurisdiction. While there is no suggestion of illegality, his management company would not be drawn on whether the sum had been declared to British tax authorities.

At least this isn’t another celebrity’s hollow election threat to leave the country — because he’s already f**cked off.

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