Shapps looking grim

Scrapbook’s editor is acting as election agent for one Michael Green, a candidate who changed his name via deed poll to stand against Grant Shapps — using the moniker employed by the Tory chairman for his dodgy internet marketing business.

Cue widespread mirth from the fourth estate, among others:

Shapps has reacted with characteristic deftness … by (hilariously) attempting to blame the move on, errr, Ed Miliband and the unionstelling the Welwyn Hatfield Times:

“With so many important local issues – from fighting the incinerator, to the future of our local hospital, it’s extraordinary that a Union funded Labour website have parachuted in someone who will effectively stand against their own candidate.

“Ed Miliband claims he wants a clean fight, yet his own union bosses appear to be behind this rouse. It’s another demonstration of Labour’s chaos.

Nice try, Grant.

The nominations required were gathered from random strangers in the middle of Hatfield town centre. Numerous people approached refused to sign the forms on the basis that they were Labour members or supporters.

And despite this blog’s proud connections with the labour movement (lower case L), the Michael Green campaign has not received a penny from a trade union.

The £500 deposit was funded by small donations matched by a private donor.

  1. Did the lying Tory chairman also use the name Fox?

    I wonder if the discredited joker can lie straight in bed?

  2. Fantastic stuff fella. Shapps is a greedy crook, plain and simple. And you can take me to court for that Shapps – or is it? Wish I could vote for you – I’ll just have to content myself with throwing out the ultimate Tory toady Richard Fuller in Bedford!

  3. The Tory voters need to cast off their reputation as being voting fodder for the ‘Stupid Party ‘…JS Mill knew a thing or two, and vote for the real Mr Snapps, Michael Green who will be an outstanding MP

    Vote Michael Green

  4. I just so happen to live in Shapps’ constituency and I might just vote for Michael Green…at least my vote will actually be cast in complete agreement with every, single issue (ok, the only issue) my chosen candidate is standing for!

    And Jim, I do believe Mrs Shapps used the name ‘Sebastian Fox’ as part of their get-rich-quick-I-can-make-you-millions-by-Christmas-and-I’ve-got-a-fridge-in-my-car business…

  5. Dreadful grammar from Messrs. Shapps/Green/Fox:

    “…it’s extraordinary that a Union funded Labour website have (sic) parachuted in someone….”

    “…yet his own union bosses appear to be behind this rouse (sic).”

  6. Can anyone remember the last time the Chairman and Leader of The Conservative and Useless Party, better known as the ‘ stupid party ‘ were proven liars ?

    Dodgy… no top down…Dave has set such a bad example.

    The Bullingdon Club louts have been such a disappointment.

    Welwyn deserves better than a proven liar.

    Vote for Michael Green

  7. john wiltshire says:

    The thing that i find incredible is that the tory party have kept him as chairman for all this time, Now would be a bad time to drop him but hey, lying crooks can get you into trouble by association (Coulsen anybody?) so lets hear what Dave and George have to say.

  8. Corinne Stockheath, Conversative Party Candidate,.Hatfield says:

    I’m completely against this. It’s a childish move which will ultimately split the vote and damage my campaign

  9. Grant Shapps deserves this so much after outrageously threatening a truth-telling constituent with legal action.

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