Louise Mensch: I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Corby!

Suffice it to say the Honourable Member for Manhattan East has been getting rather exercised on the matter of whether Nigel Farage has been earning his spurs on the campaign trail:

Mensch vs Guido on Farage community events

Perhaps Louise can tell us how many community events she has attended in Corby recently.

  1. Probably fewer than Tom Pursglove (the current Tory candidate in Corby) or Christine Emmett (the candidate in the by-election when Mensch stood down 3 YEARS ago)…

    She’s no longer the Honourable Member for anywhere…

  2. The Rt Hon MP for Manhattan East complained that the daily commute to Corby was too much and so wanted to spend more time hamging around Metallica and Red Hot Chilli Peppers as We at minister politics wasn’t as exciting.

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