David Cameron and Gonul Daniels

With Tory Nick de Bois scalping Labour’s Joan Ryan in Enfield North back in 2010, the politics of the local Turkish Cypriot community was no minor concern in the tightly fought North London race.

Indeed, in 2008 Tory attack dog Greg Hands described Ryan’s appointment by Gordon Brown as Special Representative to Cyprus as a “title to enable her to better pander to her constituents of Cypriot origin in Enfield North”.

It is undeniable that an independent candidate from the Turkish community might have been able to assist de Bois by taking votes from Ryan.

So step forward Gonul Daniels — who the Enfield Independent reported on April 28 2010 had “broken Tory ranks to stand as an independent”:

Gonul Daniels

Gonul Daniels leaflet 2010

A little over a year later in July 2011, however, Daniels had not only been welcomed back into the Conservative Party fold — but had been put on the Tories’ approved Westminster candidates list.

Pictured below alongside right wing crackpot Andrew Rosindell and de Bois, she is currently standing in the neighbouring seat of Edmonton.

Gonul Daniels with Nick de Bois and Andrew Rosindell

The speed of Gonul’s departure from, return to and rise within the local Tories seems truly extraordinary — and is viewed with extreme suspicion by local observers.

So did Nick de Bois’ campaign encourage or otherwise allow one of his party’s own members to stand against him in the hope that it would take more votes from the incumbent MP?

  1. Enfield North Tory says:

    Just a thought:

    Gonul Daniels got 91 votes in 2010. Nick de Bois beat Joan Ryan by 1,692.

    Nice try.

  2. Wow, what dirty tricks…91 votes! As we are looking at numbers, just interested if Political Scrapbook will be publishing the expenses claims of the previous Enfield North MP and how much they had to pay back? Think that would have done more to cost the Labour candidate the election back then than Gonul Daniels

  3. I don’t think how many votes she got matters – it’s the fact they conspired in these dishonest, underhand tactics.

    If you conspire to murder someone it’s still a crime, even if you don’t pull it off.

  4. As dirty tricks go this was strictly amateur hour. For dirty tricks you can be truly disgusted by look at the heavily disavowed joint Labour, LibDem and Conservative SNPout Campaign. Labour and Conservative activists working together and urging their own supporters to vote Tory. Scottish Labour’s head of strategy was promoting this organisation before being told to keep quiet. Much worse is being done of course by those on the ground by these people. This is not a group who have the interests of the people at heart, Labour must withdraw from it and condemn it.

  5. This is seriously dodgy. It’s against Tory party rules to stand against an official candidate at an election, so unless Daniels was put up to do this by de Bois, why was she approved for their official Westminster candidates’ list just a year later? Looks very, very iffy. In normal circumstances you’d expect her to be kicked out of the party. Have to say, doesn’t surprise me though. De Bois is a nasty piece of work, who’ll stop at nothing to try and win. The leaflets he puts out are an absolute disgrace.

  6. You’re right Jude Yates. He always says about himself that he’s “not a career politician” but this is his FIFTH election campaign! Technically, he’s not a career politician because he’s lost three of the previous four attempts. His office is always shut and he spends more time on LBC radio trying to further a broadcasting career – he set up his own company for that, see the Register of Members Interests http://www.publications.parliament.uk/pa/cm/cmregmem/150330/de-bois_nick.htm – than he does in Enfield.

  7. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    I see we have a couple of CCHQ goons posting here in attempt to muddy the waters. Dirty tricks and disinformation are their bread and butter.

  8. CCHQ goon lol. So you put an alternative view up and you are a CCHQ goon! Clearly toleration of alternative views is accepted on this site

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