Nick Clegg: ban the audience from speaking

With a dangerously tight election battle raging in his seat of Sheffield Hallam, Nick Clegg has demonstrated his utter contempt for voters in the most student populated area of the constituency — by sending a 22 year-old wannabe councillor to represent him at a hustings on Sunday.

And if you think that is bad then wait until you hear about the only hustings that Clegg was prepared to attend:

  • The event was held at a secret location last month
  • The general public were banned from attending
  • The press were banned from attending — with the exception of the Sheffield Star, who ran the event to a format which
  • The small audience were banned from speaking

Indeed, footage of the event hardly ever depicts those observing — that’s because they’re a handful of sixth form students, many of whom, errrr, can’t vote. Questions were posed via pre-recorded video or hand-picked from Twitter — and follow-up questions were also banned.

Sheffield Hallam hustings Nick Clegg

Hustings snubbed by Clegg include:

  • Crookes Working Mens Club — to which the 22 year-old was dispatched
  • Sunday Politics Yorkshire and Lincolnshire — at least he sent a grown up
  • The Ranmoor Inn
  • Tapton Secondary School

The reason given for keeping the venue secret to everyone but the small audience and participants was the security of the deputy prime minister. But tf such concerns were genuine, why was he allowed to announce the time and venue of a public Q&A (without those troublesome election rivals) live on local radio that day?

Perhaps they were referring to the security of Nick Clegg’s ego.

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