Shortly after reporting on questionable claims of ‘business success’ by Tory candidate Alan Mak — almost certainly set to become the MP for the safe seat of Havant, Hampshire — Scrapbook was furnished with a copy of his official candidate CV, which was distributed to those that attended the selection meeting last October.

This included quotes purporting to be from the Telegraph and ConservativeHome (black redactions are of handwritten marginalia):

Alan Mak Havant CV

Apparently Mak is destined for great things:

Alan Mak Telegraph quote

In fact, he’s cabinet material:

Alan Mak ConHome quote

But these quotes are nowhere to be found in the output of either publication and that’s because, Scrapbook has established, that they were never actually published.

Bizarrely, Tory HQ is standing by their man:

“We are satisfied that these quotes are accurate and any suggestion they have been fabricated is libellous.”

It is notable that this was not a selection by local party members but an open primary which any local voter could attend.

So his first interaction with his likely future constituents was to deceive them.

  1. Is this Mak chap a really a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Freeman of the City of London?

  2. If you’re wondering why Guido Fawkes is defending Mak on twitter, it’s because Mak is a donor to the vile and sleazy Guido website and regularly provides him with sleazy stories.
    In exchange for this, he gets invited to “network” with the media elite.
    Don’t believe me?
    Have a look at the guest list for his fundraiser last year.

    And that’s an authentic Telegraph quote, you can show him, not a falsified one like Mak had.

    I have seen the twitter comments from Guido Fawkes.
    The Tories are still the party of sleaze and corruption and they like to catch ’em young. The diversity and ethnicity used as a cover. It is a disgrace someone like this will end up in parliament. A dishonest little charlatan, through and through.

  3. Never mind the bits you’ve highlighted, what about “A Thatcherite & A Patriot” and “A great education & Conservative leader changed my life & inspired me to be a Tory”. Other than an inexplicable liking of the ampersand, this is true sick bucket material. I don’t think I have a bucket large enough.

  4. Check out the first comment: “The final four were all carpetbaggers. Alan Mak didn’t survive a gruelling contest, he had a party so desperate to convince people that they are ethnically diverse that they ignored the worrying stories about his past, ignored his awful reputation, ignored the fact that he’s never stood for council yet alone a parliamentary seat, ignored the fact that he’s too young and ignored that he clearly dedicates his whole life to self promotion. This kid will take his safe seat and disappear back to London to continue his narcistic endeavours.”

  5. I’m surprised that “Tory HQ”, instead of rumbling about libel, didn’t simply cite the date and page number that the text appeared in the Daily Telegraph – then anyone who doubts Mak’s claim can simply check it out in one of the many libraries that keep back issues of the paper.

    As it is, they’ve left it as an unsubstantiated claim, and haven’t done anything to resolve the allegation apart from huffing and puffing and posturing.

    One has to wonder why.

  6. @Ceiliog Yes he is. You can buy the former and a few thousand become the latter every year. I suspect if you both the City enough, they sort you out with one.

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