Shapps looking grim

The Conservative Party are today refusing to comment on the legal status of Grant Shapps’ internet market operations — which may have seen the embattled party chairman trading as a US “corporation” without being anything of the kind.

It is already known that the address listed for Shapps’ get-rich-quick schemes from 2002-2005 was a residential property in suburban Pennsylvania, USA. State authorities previously told The Guardian:

“If a company had been trading from Pennsylvania then it would have to be registered here. Otherwise there are fines of $500”

Grant Shapps How To Corp trading address

While Companies House records show that Shapps did form a British company, How To Corp Limited in March 2005 — less than two months before he became an MP despite claims this week that the business was being wound up — the legal status of his enterprise prior to this point remain something of a mystery.

The contact details given on websites were:

The “How To” Corporation
1125 Gill Hall Road, Jefferson Hills, PA 15025
Tel 206-984-1365 Fax 206-350-5397

Another How To Corp Ltd was previously incorporated in 2002 by the same formation agents used by Shapps for another business, but this was struck off without filing any accounts or appointing directors. A US company of this name was registered in New York from 2002 to 2010 but has no obvious connection with Shapps.

This all leads us to the rather awkward question as to whether Grant Shapps was publishing websites for three years citing a “corporation” — a term with specific legal meaning in many jurisdictions, including Pennsylvaniawhich did not actually exist.

While not being drawn on queries put by Scrapbook, a Tory source categorically denied any suggestion of illegality on the part of the party chairman.

When it comes to his murky business history, fires are now breaking out more quickly than Shapps can put them out.

  1. Just found this HowToCorp video for “$30k in 30 days” “money tree challenge”! Who is that lady in the video?

    That video was posted by one Jim Green!

    I don’t know if Jim & Michael are related, but Jim did promote HowToCorp/Michael Green in the past. It could just be coincidence. (scroll down to the clickbank ads)

    And what about ? (Same music too!)

    What a tangled web

  2. There is a business registered at that address (1125 GILL HALL ROAD CLAIRTON PA 15025) but it is called Steel Valley Film Services (restoration/distribution of rare films), and was founded in 1981 (when Shapps was 12 years old!) by a Mr Curt Buchanan:

    There is also a listing for an Easy Biz Tools at that address:

    A Google search for Easy Biz Tools turns up this website run by Adrian Ling who lives in Malaysia and who seems to have done business with ‘Michael Green’ in the past:

    The testimonials page: features testimonials from Brits Andy Williams and Neil Shearing who have both promoted ‘Michael Green’ products in the past. Here is Andy Williams saying he has “had a chat” with and “spoken to” Michael Green in 2009 – yet Shapps claims he handed over everything to his wife in July 2008. It also mentions Michael Green doing SEO work for his printing company website: (Green also mentioned in editions 240 and 241, just change the number at the end).

    An alternative US address of How To Corp, 326 Main Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15201, USA is also mentioned on some websites.

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