Rehman Chisti

After Natalie Bennet’s performance last week, one might assume that whoever the Tories put up to front their new housing policy would know what they were talking about.

Errrr, nope:

Apparently it is “very clear”:

“How we are going to pay for it’s very clear, actually. As a result of our long term economic plan …

Pressed to explain, however, Chisti caved:

“I think in terms of the details, that would be down to the relevant department, to the minister, to outline

Chishti follows in the footsteps of comedy Tory chairman Grant Shapps, appearing on Sky News this morning, in failing to explain how the policy is costed.

  1. bill edmunds says:

    Today’s Chloee Smith award goes to Chitschi. He is the creep who always volunteers to ask planted questions at PMQ’s. Not ver bright but just keeps repeating ‘Long Term Economic Plan’. Out in May!!!

  2. This wouldn’t be the same Grant Shapps (aka Michael Green) who said that this Conservative government ‘should be judged on whether it reached the gold standard of building more homes than the previous Labour government’, would it?

  3. Jeff Andersn says:

    Useless but we don’t have to worry,under Cameron he will remain on the backbenches not having gone to Eton!

  4. Journos doing economics *rolls eyes*. Really this is starting to hurt with the idiocy. Just stop it now you really don’t have a clue what you are talking about when asking “how are you going to pay for it?” That is not how macro economics works…it isn’t like your household.

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