Cillit Bang! Wikipedia edits

A Conservative MP has admitted that parliamentary staff airbrushed his Wikipedia page to remove damaging but factual information, including misleading his constituents on the future of their local A&E department — and an arrest for allegedly assaulting his own son.

After Scrapbook drew attention to the edits to Craig Whittaker’s page in January, the Calder Valley MP has now issued the following statement to the Speccie’s Steerpike diary column:

‘The edit was done after someone added the piece about the NHS onto the page. The edit was in fact done by a member of my staff as the information re the NHS story is in fact misleading and not correct.

‘Inadvertently I believe both stories were taken off at the same time. The one about my arrest has been on there for a long time and is correct.’

But the local newspaper begs to differ:

Rumours that Whittaker is “the UK’s Barack Obama” could not be confirmed at the time of publication.

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