Shaun Bailey

With Malcolm Rifkind stepping down to spend more time with his lucrative consultancy roles, ConHome report the final three in the Tories’ job-for-life Kensington selection are private schools lobbyist Charlotte Vere (at least her fifth selection attempt since November 2013), Boris sidekick Victoria Borwick and, errrr, Shaun Bailey.

The papers will cast Bailey as the square peg in the round hole — a working class and BME Tory aide who complained he was ‘frozen out’ by an Old Etonian clique while working at Number 10.

But Scrapbook readers with long memories will remember Bailey’s self-promoting ‘charity’ My Generation, which wasted up to £19 in every £20 it spent on publicity and back office expenses — right around the time he was trying to become the MP for Hammersmith.

Is it too late to start a charity to help him in Kensington?

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