Pub landlrod FUKP

With latest polling predicting a triumph for Nigel Farage in the constituency of South Thanet, the only thing standing between the UKIP leader and the Commons may be comedian Al Murray.

Having already announced (VIDEO) that his ‘pub landlord’ alter ego will oppose Farage under the ‘FUKP’ banner, the it has now been revealed that he will be parachuted into the constituency — literally.

“I was shocked when it was widely regarded that I’d been parachuted into South Thanet. But I’m part of a new breed of politician, one who guarantees to give the electorate exactly what they want, no matter how dangerous or stupid it is.”

Murray will be dropped from a plane onto Headcorn Aerodrome this Friday at 11:00am, after which he will give a lunchtime speech in a pub in Sandwich where ‘sandwiches will be provided (not baguettes)’.

The previous name of the airfield? RAF Lashenden. Geddit??!!

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