Scrapbook’s antennae twitched:

And so it came to pass. Here is just one of the questions — from an experienced business journalist in the form of Evan Davis — which Grant Shapps refused to answer:

“Are you embarrassed about that business? We’ve all done things in the past that we’re ashamed of. Do you feel proud of that business, the Michael Green one, or are you embarrassed by it?

He’s so proud of it that he used a pseudonym and then lied about when he finished.

  1. Evan Davis should also have asked him why he lied on national TV (BBC Question Time) a few weeks ago – when talking about second jobs, he said “in my case, I resigned as a Director when I became an MP”.

    Not true – he became an MP in May 2005 and only resigned as a director of How to Corp Ltd in July 2008 (over 3 years after) and as a director of the printing company in 2009 (over 4 years after). Easily verified by looking up the records online at Companies House.

    Evan Davis should also have asked if he was still working as Michael Green in 2009 as several people claim to have chatted with Michael Green, skyped with Michael Green and made a video with Michael Green, in that year – see:

  2. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    What a slime. Tory sleaze never went away, it was just hidden behind shiny faces and cheesy grins, with a constant flow of fresh spivs coming off the production line all the time.

  3. Hercules Grytpype-Thynne says:

    Interesting point he makes about a background in business or industry. I heartily agree with that. But just how many of his fellow-travellers are so well qualified? For instance I have just been listening to motor-mouth Priti Patel ………

  4. Dreadful liar. All is rubbish about the UK being in the same position as Greece. Does anyone actually believe it?

  5. What a perfect Chairman for the Conservatives. He has a maddeningly annoying, self-satisfied smirk which he’s unable to control. He couldn’t care less how businesses make money because money is his god. What are the odds he will suddenly disappear from view this election campaign and be kept under lock and key like Gideon was five years ago?

  6. Never mind all that.

    The REAL unanswered question is….

    When did his hair grow back????

    He’s a proper slap-head in those ‘Michael Green’ photos. Has he had a Rooney??? I think we should be told!

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