1. I founded this video very good it was one of the best. I have seen for a tine now but from my point of view it hit the nail on it’s head ..les you cant trust a tory in government …les

  2. Brilliantly done. I can hear the bastards thinking exactly what this very clever bit of editing suggests they say

  3. What a load of rubbish ! You forget Labour almost bankrupted the country , deliberately signed up to billions of pounds of contracts only a few days before leaving office knowing the country couldnt afford it and that it would cost the new government hundreds of millions to cancel these , oh yea – And they left a note saying sorry, there’s no money left.

    The last 13 years of a labour government has put in to the mess we are in today. If they had spent responsibility ,then we would have be able to afford the banking crisis but for them not to take any accountability for anything is just so despicable.

  4. Labour may have played their part in the financial mess ,, but the culprits have and always will be the financial /Banking sectors from complete and utter greed
    Just a 1% levy on the tax that should be paid and currently is being avoided by the Financial service as well as corporate businesses would over the course of a term of office avoid the complete fiasco that the TORY borrowing has lead us to
    They have borrowed more than every Labour elected government in history combined in their current term of office ,, whilst allowing more businesses’ and corporations to avoid paying tax …
    Blame the most vulnerable , immigration , anyone but the slimy odious corporate greedy scum

    Oh and then remove as many traces of their election pledges as possible and hope people forget their vile lies

  5. So let’s get this straight, a video has been put together taking a whole bunch of words from politicians from different sentences and put together to make it seem like they are saying something else.

    The whole purpose is to take what these words and sentences out of context and make it out like they are saying something else.

    It is obviously meant to be, let’s put this nicely, noticeable that this is the case – a 5 year old could work it out.

    And you guys are actually debating on it? Like you are actually ignoring the whole idea that the sentences have been taken out of context and you are actually believing this stuff based on this video (and others similar)?

    You really are believe this? Or rather, you are actually letting this video contribute to your self-persuasion that you are correct in your political assessment? Like somehow, this video vindicates your political views?

    This stuff is actually persuading you on your votes? You are crying for it to go viral cos you think that this should be seen by others to persuade their votes?

    Wow, like seriously, wow!

    No wonder this country is in trouble.

  6. Peter is right. People forget that labour bankrupted this country while the conservatives had to clear up the shit the labour left us with and had no choice but to take austerity measures to counteract the financial issues that were not investigated or dealt with by the labour government. Just look at the value of the pound back in 2008, it was almost on parity with the euro, while now we have the upper hand If people vote labour then it is no different to leaving a toddler with a box of matches alone in a room, irresponsible.

  7. Pete and Phil, stop showing your economic illiteracy on the web.

    Britain has a fiat currency, meaning it can NEVER go bankrupt. And interest rates for UK debt is the lowest it’s been for decades, meaning investors are more than happy to lend to us at the lowest cost possible. Austerity could have been avoided if the UK had borrowed at these low rates to invest in high fiscal projects, such as social housing, infrastructure etc. 200,000 social homes alone would probably raise enough in rents to pay back the borrowing for them in 5 years, leaving 20+ years of income for the government or councils.

    Of course the “problem” with social housing is that it would reduce the value of housing stock in the UK, which is what a large majority of growth over the last 5 years has been based on!

  8. No love for Labour but it shows how the Tories have made people believe Labour nearly made this country bankrupt! So why did practically every country have the same problem at the same time? Look at recent realities guys.
    As for the Tories, self satisfied and totally alienated from us real people. I will vote for the person who vows to improve life for all those struggling out there — as any civilised country with a conscience should. Of course often – they- don’t matter- until you become one of them!!! So no one to vote for then?!?!?!

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