Grant Shapps Pinocchio

The already threadbare reputation of Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps was further damaged today — with claims made to defend against initial questions over his honesty being exposed as utter bunkum.

Grant Shapps’ lawyers’ letter to this website, 29 October 2014:

“Our client has written business books under his pen name (Mr Green); but was studious in publishing his full name and biography alongside.”

Tory HQ statement 15 March 2015:

“Like many authors and journalists, Grant wrote with a pen name. This was completely transparent: his full name and biographical details were permanently published on the company’s main website.

So why has a forensic analysis of 700 archival pages from his website by the Guardian — including a ‘Michael Green’ biography — failed to find a single mention of his real name?

Tory HQ have now rowed back to their only safe territory, his declaration of a directorship and interest in How To Corp Ltd — though not the Michael Green pseudonym or his ongoing work for the firm — on the Register of Members’ Interests:

“The party chairman was open and transparent about his interests in his family business, not least through declarations to parliament.”

Stay tuned to Scrapbook for more on Shapps in the coming days.

  1. Shapps also says that he resigned as a Director of How to Corp Limited in 2008 and handed the running of the company to his wife. While Companies House records show that he did indeed resign as a Director in July 2008, ‘Michael Green’ was still promoting How to Corp products in 2009.

    There are numerous mentions of people speaking to, chatting with and skyping Michael Green in 2009, see:

    For example, here is an email sent by a Rosalind Gardner in May 2009

    May 28, 2009

    Greetings {name}!

    I just wanted to make sure that you’ve seen
    the video that Michael Green and I did before
    it comes down in the next couple of days –

    – because whether or not you plan to get
    Google 1st, the short (9:46) video is a
    worthwhile watch.

    In the video, Michael shows some clear
    ‘outside the box’ thinking when it comes
    to getting 1st page Google listings.

    This is good stuff that you may not have
    thought about before, but that’s easy to
    replicate in your own marketing efforts.

    Watch the video…

    Learn more about Google 1st…

    ‘Til next time … promote and prosper!


    (The links go to so the video is no longer there of course.)

    However a second email sent on 02/06/2009 mentions the video and links to this page, which also talks about the video:

    A tweet sent in April 2009 by Mat Garrett ‏@seouk says:

    “Just finished chatting with Michael Green about his new SEO course”

  2. “The party chairman was open and transparent about his interests in his family business, not least through declarations to parliament.”

    Weasel words – his family business is a printing business – this was his own business.

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