Adam Afriyie

Wannabe Tory leader Adam Afriyie has claimed it is “impossible” to raise a family on £67,000 — suggesting instead that MPs should not be given a salary and audited expenses but an “allowance” of up to £225,000 to spend however they want.

In an interview with Chat Politics, the Windsor MP — a multimillionaire through technology businesses — whinges:

“It is almost impossible to operate on the salary that is given to MPs if you come from a middle income family

Citing the damage caused by the expenses scandal — but forgetting public revulsion at the ‘no receipts’ system for food — Afriyie suggests that MPs should instead be given a set allowance each year to cover all costs:

“In 1911 … MPs were given an allowance of £400 per year. If it had been uprated according to various different indexes, guess how much that figure would be today? £225,000.

“In my dream world of the future we’ll have, again, a simple members allowance which is substantially higher than it is today … We started at that £400, so let’s work out what that means today

With ideas like this it’s little surprise his leadership ambitions went tits up.

  1. Apparently to make as much money as a bank boss on minimum wage, you would have to start work in 1550…

  2. Campbell munro says:

    Wat an absolute tosser ,how many.mps wud there be if all they got was minimum wage without expenses these fukers need to wake up from their dreamworld and realise wat the fuk is happening in our society .

  3. Absolutely ridiculous yet they are starving the poor I hope he never becomes an M.P they are greedy we want our money back you cunt

  4. In 1911 woman could not vote, and the 2 worst wars would happen within the next 50 years killing over 50 million people due to political impotence, I think I’ve made my point

  5. My recomendation to the “hounorable gentleman” ls that if it impossible to raise a family on an MPs sslery, then at the forthcoming election in May he should resogn his seat and look for another job.

  6. My recomendation to the “hounorable gentleman” ls that if it is impossible to raise a family on an MPs salery, then at the forthcoming election in May he should resign his seat and look for another job.

  7. Give him his P45, make him sign on and claim JSA and then sanction the cunt for 3 years. He will know what hardship is !!!!

  8. … and yet he and his (miserable excuses for humans) colleagues allow zero hours contracts, move the pension age, mangle the benefits system etc for the most vulnerable in our society

  9. And none of you will do a thing about it except sit online and moan. What is wrong with all of you dont you have any guts?

  10. well folks, I’ve heard it all now. The greed of these Tories is despicable considering they have reduced so many people to poverty and to be homeless. Kick the twats out asap

  11. stewart miller says:

    They really don’t have a clue about real life at all do they. He wants to try living on a working class income never mind middle class, bloody idiot! I hope that the people of windsor give him the boot, but they are all probably as rich as he is and with the exact same high class opinion of themselves, Scum.

  12. Paul Lascelles says:

    If I’m not mistaken, an MP is a member of parliament who is there to represent the people in his/her constituency. Who, might I ask, in his constituency suggested this was subject matter they wish to be debated?
    It is about time, we the electorate, voted only for those who could and would empower us and NOT themselves.
    All MP’s should have all of their holdings taken into trust, once they become MP’s. That trust should then be directly invested in UK Ltd. So when the UK profits – the MP’s profit. When the UK incurs debt – the MP’s cough up.
    Then we will see how well OUR Country can be run.

  13. what world do these people live in, greedy greedy people they have no idea what hardship is bring back guy Fawkes and blow THE BASARDS UP COME THE REVOLUTION

  14. That’s why I want Scotland out of this criminal mess. The current Tory government must be removed this year – by ANY means necessary.

  15. Perhaps we should set up food banks for these greedy bastards.Don’t forget to donate champers and caviar as they have standards don’t you know.

  16. when are arshole Tory twats that the world don’t revolve around them. You are supposed to be there for the people not lining your own pockets. Greedy bastards.

  17. suposed to be there to serve the people but like not of today’s greedy, arrogant, politicians thinks the people are there to serve him, weael

  18. Cant live on 67k? Live a week in my shoes you spineless, weak degenerate, WE NEED TO BE RID OF PARLIAMENT, they do nothing good for our country, why are we allowing these kind of people to dictate us, they’re the empire, we’re the slaves,nothings changed over 2000 years, we can look after this turf without them, I don’t understand why we’re still feeding them, and doing nothing but complain all the time??

  19. sandy scroggie says:

    Thats why your fecking party are going to get the boots mr david cameron, because you party lives on a different planet and you have winkers working for you,come on the people of britain vote labour and get these pricks out of westminister,put him on the street and let him live with the homeless and feel it for real fecking mong

  20. Why dont you take some of that money and feed / heat the homes of the elderly …. The ones that contributed to this country.. By fighting for it and paying into it ….. You greedy fkn bastards,,,,,, you all make me sick …… Were’nt you brought up to respect your elders…. ???? Obviously not your parents must of been cunts aswell ….

  21. He wants to try bringing up 4 children on 8 thousand pounds a year, I have 2 teenagers and 2 babies I have always worked but can’t at the moments cos of child care issues and I get 8000 struggle every day and he thinks it’s impossible to do this for 60 odd thousand, millions of people do it every day even hard working people for a lot less than that, you wanker!!!!

  22. Why don’t you Fuck off a millionaire trying to say that he can live on a couple of quid every week, fuck off you would never live like me on jsa and being threatened with eviction and i got a daughter with a bad heart, all you politicians are Cunts you don’t give a Fuck as long as they are getting richer and we are getting poorer, it’s about time it was all changed I think, well the tories should be gone this year, not that anyone will make much difference cause your all money grabbing bastards

  23. We must all ensure that this Tory government is not re elected … and personally I would jail that idiot …

  24. Let him eat porridge…. this is the reason the rich should not be involved in politics, all they care about is money.

  25. Harry Wright says:

    How about a compromise? Pay MP’s £100k per annum. They must not take second (or more) jobs. Scrap the taxpayer subsidised restaurants and bars in Westminster, and give constituents the right to ‘recall’ MP’s.
    One thing is certain, it ill-behoves a mega-rich Tory to make comments like this at a time when he and his colleagues are waging war on the old, the sick, and the vulnerable.

  26. How ridiculous is this mans comments when food banks are feeding people and good honest people are working 40+ hours a week and will never see £20.000 never mind 67.000 this is insensitive and crass ……. Think carefully before putting ur cross in the box in May !!!!

  27. its not a job its not a wage being an mp…sounds like a 0 hours contract but for 67000 quid a year. he’s a fool. an out of touch fool

  28. Easy to sort, every body – working,, claiming any benefits their money should be made up to 225,000.

  29. Go into any job centre. Type in to those computer things. What does it say next to nearly every vacancy? “Meets national minimum wage”. Yep, pretty much all of them. This translates as “it is national minimum wage”. Multiply the national minimum wage by 40. Then by 52. There we are, that’s the wage most people have to live on. Barely enough to heat your swimming pool I’d imagine. Prick.

  30. jeff stockdale says:

    He wants to think himself lucky.
    150 years ago he would be picking cotton in the fields n beaten with a stick.

  31. Get into the real world you fat pig get your snout out of the trough you and your party have shafted this country. It’s people as well you try living on job seekers allowance to feed yourself pay the rent gas electric. You lot in the palace of Westminster need removing both the comons and the Lords it the biggest doss house in London full of cheats tax evaders and low life who couldn’t tell the truth if their lives depended on it no morals no scruples no feeling for the people of this country just you’re greedy fat cat friends in the banking industry who bankrupted the this country . And are still getting bonuses from the hard working tax payers of this country

  32. Makes me laugh when they say the average wage is £26,000 a year, well not around where I live. Most people are lucky if they earn £12,000 a year which is £250 a week. Okay some can get a little top up from working tax credits but it would still not amount to £26,000 a year. I would feel like a millionaire on that wage. They are always saying they can live on £53 a week. How can you live in such cuckoo land so out of touch with reality.

  33. My husband has worked all his life & is now recovering from cancer &has other health issues hes got to fill out yet another form to try to get E.S.A. again. Hes not able to work but the like of these rich guys given orders are saying they cant raise a family on that type of money…he wants to walk a mile in my husbands shoes see how he copes or anybody else with health problems. He wouldnt know a hard days work if it bit him in the ass. Theyre all wasters tories labour &the rest. Their all in it for the money.

  34. Try raising a family of 6 on the minimum wage. Try being a self employed contractor with no holiday or sick pay because there are simply no well paying jobs in the north west. Try having your wage topped up by government handouts that amount to 2 x what you earn each week, because despite being considered the minimum there is NO WAY in hell we could ever afford to exist on it. BTW I didn’t choose to have 4 children, I married into a large family and now i’m doing my hardest to survive, claw our way out of debt, and fund a new business venture which will hopefully secure our futures but I would GLADLY take £67k a year for the HONOUR of representing my fellow humans and i would be thankful. In fact I would happily take an AVERAGE UK WAGE for it and be happy. Maybe we should consider REDUCING what MP’s get and we might start attracting the right sort of people into the job. The kind of People who care about people and communities and not about money.

  35. Jade gardner says:

    Bit of a joke really I think he need to be paid minimum wage for a year and see how everyone else has to do it he will soon see how hard it is an that the money he gets he should be bloody greatful for !!!!

  36. paul nightingale says:

    I don’t like the C Word but they are usefull and he’s not. i’m 62 Worked all my life. Army then as a chef 12 hour shifts.Have had 2 new knee, feet rebuilt three times, CPOD , and riddled with arthritis and still i can’t get any benefits. i would love to earn £67000 .this man doesn’t live in the real world.i f****** hate the conservatives and their kind.

  37. There are anti terrorism laws that apply to these sub humans …mistreating the poor and causing death by hardship robbing and defrauding the tax payers and denying medical treatment for the sick by reducing the nhs capasity so it can be privatized through the back door..and selling off the tax payers assets to there pals …its not greed its just criminal inhumanity and they should all be judged by the terrorist laws that were introduced to stop the likes of isis extreamism and political extreamism and corruption…these people are home grown terrorists ….and no better than any other terrorist group

  38. I’ve met some pricks in my time but this cunt is a fucking cactus. Politics should not be a career, it should be a privilege to serve and represent the people. Democracy is dead, we don’t have representatives anymore, all we have now are money grabbing rich kids out to further their own careers by screwing the people and selling the nation to their corporate masters in return for jobs when their term is up. Labour, Tory, Lib Dem and now UKIP are all working for the same corporations

  39. I wish they would make their minds up! I thought it was supposed to be possible to live on £59 a week ?! If you don’t want to do the job for the salary provided, why did you apply? The head of Lloyds bank was earning £80k in 1980. If the average wage had kept pace, the average wage today would be £225k. So we all need a raise.

  40. What size is his family, if he has 16 kids then I might understand but if not then, someone please stop people like this getting in to politics. The police are holier than thou and they have turned out to be lying, cheating overpaid gits but look who is pulling their strings, all of the overpaid fat cats in the commons who moan because they can’t afford private schools, champaign lifestyles, jaguars, Saville Row suits and two homes all on a crappy £67k.

    It’s a job that you are trusted to do and paid well for! It’s not something you should want to go in to so that you can get rich or have some sort of glamour in your life. If you can’t afford to raise your family on an MP wage, go in to banking because you can rob people blind all day, fix interest rates and pay yourself what ever you want and no one will ever come after you because! Oh yes the police and politicians are just as corrupted.

  41. It just shows how out of touch people like this idiot truly are. I am currently surviving on way under £10,000 per annum. Probably nearer, £8,000….it is fucking tough and I am quite well qualified but due to illness I’m unable to get even an interview for a job. I would like this fool to be deselected by his party and, of course, his Labour opponent, in the forthcoming election, to trounce him or A.N. OtherTory into the ground…

  42. Christopher Joyce says:

    Well… In my polite, measured, and well-reasoned opinion, this guy is an utter cunt-sharpener.

  43. I’m a single parent. Struggling to find work…worried how I’m going to feed my children, I find this statement insulting… This man has never had to visit a food bank…or hunger…and hardship he’s no idea…

  44. Funny your government expects me to live on nothing.
    Apparently being self employed and recovering from surgery doesn’t qualify me for anything.

  45. Oh no a millionaire asking for more, I’m shocked and confused!!!
    And yet again we sit around hurling abuse at the system and ultimately letting them literally MURDER US IN COLD BLOOD. They have and we’ve let them have and distroy everything that makes us great. NO FREE GOOD EDUCATION( keeping us thick means we don’t challenge anything), NO GOOD CHEAP HOUSING ( keeps us busy just trying to find somewhere safe and warm to sleep), BANKS ( we continue to accept that money is more important than LIFE and that all those with a lot of it are mighty and powerful). I imagine there is lots of reasons why any politician should NOT have anything more than the poorest of the poor and the only way to change this is with the power of US.

  46. Craig Mitchell says:

    Here’s a novel idea , don’t become a politician ! ! !

    If it doesn’t give you the lifestyle you’re accustomed to and your not willing to make sacrifices, follow another career path! Despite the appearance of his remarks I’m somewhat confident he has the smarts to make his £225,000 else where.

    Neo-conservatives -___- willing to preach and judge the unemployable and recently made redundant, yet won’t get out of bed for more than a fair wage.

  47. I may get slayed for what I am gonna say by the do gooders in the world
    What a ignorant pig headed fuckin knob head he wants to try raising a family on less than that perhaps a third of his wage or less like the rest of us have to this is what’s wrong with this country we let them spend the money our backs have earned how they want on what they want while we struggle yo keep our heads above water
    Sack the fuckin ignorant twat let’s start a campaign to have his career finished

  48. Duncan Tipler says:

    It seems to me that MP’S are in politics for the money. All MP’S that earn more than £150,000 from their business interests should be paid expenses only. This would help reduce the Country’s deficit and help ensure individuals who have a conviction and vision for our nation are appointed to lead us…

  49. Unradical Stu says:

    Oh.. leave the wee fucker alone. This is a ‘caring society’ (so they tell me) so let’s show this imbecile some consideration. He’s a Tory and therefore is genetically challenged. The genes for empathy and altruism are missing and are replaced by extra ‘greed’ genes. This man requires, at the very least, some urgent medical interventions. In older and more enlightened days this condition was cured by placing a piece of lead in the patients left ear.. with a shotgun,

  50. You spineless toady of an MP. There are families struggling to stay alive under your regime and you want to put your hand in the till as usual. Typical out of touch greedy tory vermin.

  51. Has ANYONE commenting on here actually listened to the man rather than just believing misleading headlines and radio presenter twistings of what an interviewee has actually said….? I’m not a Tory, I’m a Labour supporter and my Liberal Democrat MP is an incredibly hard-working man. I think £67k is an income beyond the dreams of most of us. But it is simply not fair to slag him off if you haven’t listened to what he is saying – and where he has come from. I taught boys like him in inner London in the 80s.. from disadvantaged backgrounds but filled with determination and hope.

  52. In 1911 I’d probably be thrusting a rusty bayonet through your heart. If we take that method of homicide and increase it expedencially, given the wider range of weaponry now available to me, I’m now likely to be taking a gloch to your temple after securing your wrists with some nylon and gagging your dumb as mouth with gaffer tape.

  53. Tanya joiner says:

    What a complete idiot. Come join the real world. This man has no clue. Wow they are all the same. Shameless self centred ignorant blood suckeres.

  54. So this prick thinks its impossible to live on £67k pa…….should try living on £30k for my family, 2 young children……paying out for nursary fees just do my wife can go out to work……which just covers the cost……fucking retard……welcome to the real world you prick

  55. john leneghan says:

    what a complete delusional fool,what fxxking world dose he come from,another reason to believe there are aliens among us.what a muppet

  56. We don’t need these parasites… abolish both houses of parliament. Have civil servants run the day to day central government stuff, local councils run local stuff (bin collections etc..). We can run as a proper democracy, direct democracy… If you can have a secure bank account you can have a secure voting account (we all have NI numbers), any major issues law changes etc can be put to a on-line vote. Then people will feel included, political parties won’t be around any-more, there will be no lobbying, there will be no PIGS at the public purse…

  57. less money less sense says:

    I agree totally with this.
    Plumbers CAN Earn £100k Per Year
    Black cab drivers can earn £60K per year
    Red bus drivers can earn £35k per year
    Electricians can earn £60K per year
    Footballers earn fricking insane amounts of money.
    Would allow/trust any of these guys to run the country?

    So pay them what they are worth and let’s see if that stops all the cash for questions and all the fiddling.

    Use your sense, these Guys/ Gals are supposed to be the Best of the Best. Pay them what they are worth.

    I think they should get paid more than Jose Murrino and others alike…

    So in my eyes. I would pay them 2 million.
    that’s not BS that’s the truth.

    There impact affects us more than whether Chelsea or Man City win the Football.

  58. OMG what an idiot think he needs a wake up call switch jobs with someone on minimum wage for a month and then come complain!!! Or switch with someone on jsa with kids and get sanctioned n live on bugger all and have to pay bedroom tax still and rely on food banks

  59. My god, what on earth do these retarded arseholes think the rest of us mear mortals do to keep abreast of the everyday trials and tribulations of living in the real world. Anyone who wants to become a politician should, after leaving university, presuming they went to one, go to a reality school. Gaining a qualification in how to be a poor person.

  60. People saying to get tory out and people saying more fuel for the revolution, how many of you actually think he or any other mp will ever read these comments? The revolution doesn’t need any more fuel tbh what it needs now is a spark to start the flame and for people to stop sitting around moaning and actuall stand up and march against all the corrupt politicians and bankers. If we dont all rise together then we will remain as slaves to the corporate giants that rule the world. If we dont do something soon imagine what it will be like for our children for our children’s children. Sometimes tbh I personally just think that the entire human race should be wiped out as none of us are with out sin then I remember there is some decent humans out there.

  61. If this pillock can’t run a household on £67k a year he is certainly not fit to be running any part of our country

  62. Vote green party and keep all other corruption governments out… simple stop moaning about this deluded bellfuck and actually vote green party only then will we see some sort of change 🙂

  63. Idiot… Most of us have to raise families on a significant amount less…. How the hell do millionaire MP’s like this idiot run this country. Completely out of touch with normal society…

  64. Stephen Gallacher says:

    About 6 minutes in he states that ‘money doesn’t bring happiness’, it’s safe to say he’d know, he has so much of it and he’s still a cunt.

  65. Debbie Tamplin says:

    He’s clearly living on a different planet!! Try living on £150 a week ESA, that’s for food and all our bills!! What an imbecile.

  66. Cunt probably gets working tax credits as well… one swift boot to the baws coming you’re way bud ✊

  67. Peter Trehearn says:

    Well, I’ve read some of the nasty negative statements directed at this gentleman and I agree with every bloody one! What a tosser.

  68. Try raising a family on a part time minimum wage job Mr Afriyie. Now that is impossible.
    Obviously only some of us are ‘all in this together’.

  69. What a complete and utter bell end some people haven’t a pot to piss in make me sick can’t live on all that money what a load of bollocks the rich moaning sod’s boil my piss

  70. Heath farrington says:

    There is no need for personal insults the facts are good enough
    1 11% pay rise great pension while the police have had a pay freeze for the last four years whilst their pensions have been destroyed and conditions and moral at an all time high!!
    2 NHS getting hammered
    3 local authorities being stripped to the bone because of lack of funds
    I will accept all of this if I trusted the government which I don’t how can the government justify stripping all the public services that are their for the people of this country while the government line their pockets

  71. With Thatcher’s Conservative legacy being ever lower levels of social mobility you’d think he would chose another party!

  72. Bizarre, how could he not afford a household on that much money? What a moron. If its all trickle down then why is the poverty gap rising? Cos its suck up, not trickle down. he lacks knowledge of economics.

  73. I don’t think he actually says he wants £225k- he says work out what £400 means now, I.e a fair figure – although a bit confusion

  74. dave matthews says:

    What an absolute twat! How can he possibly speak such complete nonsense. It beggars belief that an MP apparently wishing to be prime minister actually is that far up his own Tory arse that he thinks this kind of statement would go unnoticed by the hard working British public. He should be sacked for such a stupid comment as this is an embarrassment to his Party and an insult to every single British person. #wanker

  75. In the ststes, a middle clsss family gets by very nicely starting at 50 to 60 thousand dollars per year, which is 40 to 50 thousand pounds or so, not looking at my calculator but its half ovrr agin to covert follars to pounds. Anyway, hes asking for about a third of a million dollars a year unaccountable allowence, for a public servents job. Sorry but he can do better than this lame complaint. We want to get rid of people like this in our country. I want to live in england and be a help not a burden, but it seems he wants to be a buden.

  76. You fucking cunt , the people that pay the 67000 wages that you cant live on are starving and cant afford to heat their homes

  77. Adam Robinson says:

    Hey there. It is too easy to scorn these people and use foul language. Stop and think.

    He is saying that an ordinary person without other financial resources will struggle to to be an MP on £67k. So thin on this.

    Imagine you were elected tomorrow and had to be in London several days a week, finishing sometimes late into the evening. Other days you have to be at home dealing with your constituents. Think of the costs involved and the fact that you are never at home to help with the kids, do your own DIY, search for a bargain etc. etc.

    £67k is more than I have ever earned, but it isn’t a lot for someone who has a job that should be taking over their lives for 50 weeks of the year.

    Pay your MP’s relatively poorly and what do you get? All your MP’s have to have other sources of income to get the help with childcare etc that they need to do a proper job. ie Millionaires elected to parliament.

    I want to see ordinary people elected to parliament, people who understand what it is to be hard up.

    So when you vote, vote for someone with an ordinary background. Vote for someone who has experience of running organisations, businesses, charities, clubs etc. etc. Never vote for career politicians!. Ignore the political parties and vote for the person. But don’t skimp on paying those ordinary people enough to do the job without worrying about their families struggling to cope.

    Please try to be more rational. Yes there are plenty of people really struggling to live on their income and some of those people should be elected to parliament. But if, when they get there, they are still worrying about money then I don’t think that is a sensible way to run a country.

    Let’s get the millionaire’s out of politics by refusing to vote for career politicians. Insist that your candidates are ordinary people with experience of the real world.

  78. So obviously we of the ‘minimum wage’ brigade are far better at money management than tory MP’s then. So why the Hell are they running the ruddy country???????

  79. I agree £67000 isn’t enough to live on
    So I suggest we increase benefits to £68000 then us workers can manage on minimum wage paying even higher tax
    To pay for benefit misfits and out of touch MPs

  80. vikingashanti says:

    I hate this man. He went to the same uni as me. Considering his right wing opinions and his anti-european stance, perhaps he should join UKIP as the token ‘bongo bongo’ candidate.

  81. We should all force all of them to do a building site job (hod carrying ) for a year on next to minimum wage and see how they like that!

    Bunch of over paid scum.

  82. My husband and l managed to bring up 2 daughters and even managed swimming and dancing lessons on £20k. We both worked. I find it insulting that somehow this man feels that his children are more important than ours. Neither of us smoke or drink. Can this man say the same? I very much doubt it. This whole incident makes me despair for the country.

  83. Ought we to entrust the running of our economy to people who can’t manage to live on £67,000 a year?

  84. Labour made many mistakes – immigration, lax regulation of the financial services and having all their eggs in one basket. However the contempt that the tories have for anybody without a trust fund is breathtaking – it’s 2015 for fuck sake – people are queueing up at foodbanks. Wealthy not paying tax – they want you to blame labour and benefit scroungers for the deficit. Let’s get rid of these hateful fuckers in May.

  85. Shanti Inglebright says:

    UNBELIEVABLE! You complain about public sector worker whose pay has been frozen and now subject to 1%raise yet YOU, a public worker, being paid by tax payers are demanding this much and yet you cut the benefits of the poorest in society? There is no compassion or understanding in yr world for those less fortunate than you. There is only the allure of money and prestige and the links you’ll be able to make with business to further feather yr nest à la Malcolm Rifkind and Jack Straw. You Hv no idea how the vast majority of folk live. Yr self-serving, pariahic. There is no place in Parliament for people like you. If you don’t like yr salary – GET OUT, resign yr seat and crawl back to the corner from whence you came.

  86. I could go on and on about how unjust and out of touch mp’s are but instead I shall just make a brief statement. CUNTS!

  87. Can people stop using the word CUNT. I have one and it a derogatory term for what is a female organ, benign and not aggressive. However this man is a wanker!

  88. You are just as screwed up as some of the people on benefits. You want me to go without so you can have a life of Riley. You are scum.

  89. Why don’t the sack all MPs put them on the dole then make them work back in there old job as MPs for free that would save the country millionsmillions after all they are doing this to others.

  90. George mclellan says:

    A feckin greedy scummy clown, im up at 3.30am work 60 hours a week for 27000, try that ya greedy twat.

  91. This is typical of all Mps and Government,They r all full of shit and havent got a clue how normal people get by. They give all shit just when they want peeps to vote for them promise the earth deliver jac shit.. Goes on and on reckon they think normal peeps r thick !!!

  92. But they expect someone who has a family on the social to live of £75.00 a week…..hypocrites.

  93. But we need the £100000 expenses (tax free) to see us through the week, it’s too tough otherwise!

  94. Wonder how many of the other party mp would refuse it if it was offered. Not many I think.simple solution pay us all 67k moron. Just lost my vote!!!

  95. According to this, the average salary of “High Wage’ government officials was £167 per annum, or £13 per annum less than teachers.
    Even if £400 was the correct figure, Solicitors were earning £1343 per annum (or 3.5 x £400). The average solicitor earns £33500 now, so I’d be happy to apply that scale to MPs.

  96. Execute all of them. Injury to ones country (this includes it’s population) is classified as treason. Execute them all for treason this country needs a revolution.

  97. Steven O' Byrne says:

    Thw two massive problems with parliament 1) Religious Leader 2)Greedy, Wealthy Leader like the twat above – I read an article from the poorest president and that guy has it nailed – Quoting ” “We invented this thing called representative democracy, where we say the majority is who decides,” Mujica said in the interview. “So it seems to me that we [heads of state] should live like the majority and not like the minority.” – ““I’m not against people who have money, who like money, who go crazy for money,” Mujica said. “But in politics we have to separate them. We have to run people who love money too much out of politics, they’re a danger in politics… People who love money should dedicate themselves to industry, to commerce, to multiply wealth. But politics is the struggle for the happiness of all.” – twats like the knob above fall into the “DANGER FOR POLITICS” section.

  98. ladyfilosopher says:

    I remember when this became an issue at 61, 000 sterling a few years ago. I discovered that not only does an MP get the salary, but they access 100,000 office fees, free train travel and other expenses….. I would say give them the average wage of 24, ooo, halve their expenses, and oblige them to give up paid positions in other companies. If they are so keen to be power-brokers and have time to volunteer in company board rooms, I cannot imagine them being able to represent their constituents properly

  99. Martyn Cleasby says:

    why do you , FB, allow such disgusting posts? Interesting that the vile person calls himself anonymous…get him/her off!!

  100. Afyie needs to check his figures and reality. The National Archives Currency Converter says that £400 in 1910 would be worth £22,500 now, not the tenfold misrepresentation he imagines. More importantly, we now live in a democracy in which it is generally regarded as a privilege to represent one’s fellow countrymen, and one for which a sum well over twice the average income plus a healthy expenses package is quite enough. Please stop bringing your colleagues even further into disrepute.

  101. Scott Stevens says:

    What a fucking prick. We break our backs for shit pay, work early til late and get taxed through our asses to pay these cunts wages. Make me sick. Fucking disgraceful

  102. Brian F Kirkham says:

    Pay for the trappings of Westminster. Forego the Fancy dining you get on a subsidy, Forget living in fancy apartment blocks / housing (somebody explain why we’re paying for every MPs outstanding mortgage?) Pay for your staff out of your own wage and – furthermore – show your faces in the corridors of parliament and then maybe, just maybe – you would deserve the raise you ask for but then on top of this – lose those golden handshakes and fancy pensions you get after your service – surely you’ve lined your pockets enough in house?

  103. Is that why the Tories are planning on a further reduced working family benefit cap of £23,000?

  104. Colin Mardell says:

    It seems there is an inexhaustible supply of avaricious shameless Tory scum prepared to dedicate their time to using their parasitic skills on the nation.

  105. Janine Lyndhurst says:

    Why does everyone have to resort to such foul language? You know what they say – it’s a sign of a limited vocabulary! Don’t give me all that Tory hating rubbish!!! The Labour party got us in an almighty mess when they were in power and it’s going to take years to get the country out of it. Their ever open door on immigration has caused huge damage to this country with overpopulation and birth explosion, lack of jobs and housing, and hundreds of thousands coming here and claiming benefits. I myself am disappointed with the coalition government and will be voting UKIP!

  106. Using the same faultless logic a teacher in 1911 was on @ £176.15. Based on his figures we should be paying them £100,000 today

  107. Well yes, we should be paying teachers £100,000.- and ambulance workers, nurses, firemen, but then again, I also like the idea of raising the minimum wage to £67K so everyone can see if what he’s saying is correct or not. And, given his constituency is Windsor, it’s probably fair to say that he is reflecting the thoughts of his constituents when he says he can’t survive on just £65K a year. It’s very expensive in Windsor…

  108. Unbelievable. Maybe he should try living in the real world rather than his little castle in tho sky.

  109. Sadly apart from displaying knowledge of bad language which achieves nothing, many here are missing relevant points. Unless your vote is used you threw away your right to complain. Running of our country, important work that it is affects everyone yet only a third of the population votes, blind stupidity or what? Equally stupid is the concept that even £67K will attract the best from elsewhere. Why not pay the best a comparative salary with industry subject to results, monitor them and change the system to one that kicks out the failures as soon as it becomes apparent. Get involved if you really want change.

  110. An MP’s pay should be set in line with the minimum they set for benefits – because that is enough for someone to live on by their reconing!

  111. When this story 1st broke i thought ‘you cannot live on £67k a year’ i sure as hell could.

    Like many others ive never claimed state handouts, worked all my life and now run my own office.

    As a self employed person i claim for expenses so i do not have an issue with them claiming reasonable costs.

    I think what we need is people from all walks of life serving as mp’s representing people from all walks of life.

    Currently we see priviliged people in mp seats.
    They look after themselves and each other at the
    Expense of us the taxpayer.

    They then work 2nd jobs which i do not have an inherant problem with but when you see the days they actually work for £67k plus expenses its sickening.

    Ive only met one conservative mp in south london and he had no idea about the area he was supposed to represent, not suprising as he doesnt actually live in the area he is supposed to represent.

    The system is wrong, id welcome a pub landlord, a copper, a teacher whatever, who lived in my area to represent me and my local community and the real issues that affect us daily.

    Fact is you have to be in a priviliged position ( private school, wealth etc).

    Its a rich boys club to screw the lower classes out of their taxes whilst evading paying your own and minimising your own out goings whilst feathering your nest with contacts, positions on boards, business deals…

    Im a normal working class person, bought up on a council estate with divorced parents…
    I have no issues with controlled imigration or indeed the skin colour or sexuality of a person.

    We all deserve fairness and equality, but not at the expense of someone elses elsewhere in the world.

    People we need to vote, vote for a complete outsider get these nest feathers out of leadership and get real people involved in politics…id sure as hell would love to earn £67k a year plus expenses for fighting the peoples corner.

  112. Gavin Chappell says:

    Guy Fawkes had the right idea, get rid of them. They’re all theives rooming the system any way they can!!

  113. if he saying he can’t live on that … What about all the family’s that are living on benefits that get a lot less .. What a joke he is .. Bet he wouldn’t be working if it was minimum wage!!!!!

  114. noel swinford says:

    ++did ids do a tv program about living on the dole money for a week,and he only lasted a couple of days and went out and had a breakfast spending 57pounds on it ,he is nothing but aa ponce .

  115. what a complete wanker…try livin like us somedays going without heat and food just to survive…Aye id love to live like him for a week publicly asking him to swap with me for one week

  116. I’m on 13k a year and I have to support my daughter, 2 step sons and my partner, I struggle at times but I manage, yet he’s complaining over 67k?! In this day and age everything revolves around money, we need to take it out of the equation and make it about the politics!

  117. I am absolutely fine with this, they want to earn £225,000 a year that is absolutely fine, but as your boss I want complete transparency. I want an overview of every day you work and exactly what you are doing. I want to know who you meet, what you discuss, what payments you are receiving and from who and for what. You go to to toilet I want to know when you left and when you got back, you claim expenses for a train ticket I want to know why and how much you paid and proof of payment.

    Then, if you are doing a good job and worth that kind of salary, then I am absolutely fine with it.

  118. … and yet he and his (miserable excuses for humans) colleagues allow zero hours contracts, move the pension age, mangle the benefits system etc for the most vulnerable in our society
    I have quoted the above from a previous disgruntled citizen and it speaks volumes. This is the Conservatives for you rob the poor and give to the rich. Labour are no better and as for the insignificant lib dems I need say no more. I am not saying UKIP is the answer but they are at least saying the right things. We need to get this once Great Country back to its former glory, and to do that we need to have trust in our Governmentand how can you when you have assholes like this who thinks that becoming an MP is the road to self indulgence. Use your vote wisely, don’t let false promises sway you. We need to take control of our own destiny not run by Brussels and close our borders and get rid of those that are only here for the benefits.

  119. John Cockram says:

    Supercilious, sanctimonious, snide, separatist, suppurating, silent but deadly, little skata…

  120. Sums the person up completely he’s such a Pratt.Tried to talk to him once in the street and was waved away with a flick of his hand.Told to go talk to the council about housing problems.Thought we were supposed to talk to these people.Will not vote Conservative because of tosser like this.

  121. unbelievable ! what a arsehole. people should remember that ALL politicians are professional
    liars. £ 67000 for telling lies. he is a cunt like the rest of them.

  122. I’ll tell you what, you put my dole money up by the same percentage and I’ll support you all the way.

    No? Didn’t think so!

  123. I’ve just looked up what the average nurse earn earns, and got the figure of 21,000 – 27,000 for a top end nurse.

    So, one politician worth ten of our best nurses? Personally I think one nurse of ANY grade is worth at least ten politicians.

  124. Annie Weatherly-Barton says:

    He doesn’t live on £67k. None of these buggers live on that amount. £67k is their pocket money. They live off their expenses. For instance, Malcolm Rifkind claimed £500,000 expenses that pays for everything down to his loo rolls. Then he “earns” £70k from his outside interests plus his £67k. These people are liars par excellence. Time for someone to produce a piece on what these people actually get rather than what they want everyone to think they get. All their expenses are logged on government site. That is how I found out what Mr Rifkind claims and what he claims for. McVey claims £250k every year for EVERYTHING! Plus her salary and outsider interests. Nothing but a con. Yet these people condemn the unemployed to less that £60 per week and tell them to live on that. These Westminster con artists disgust me.

  125. This guy has based his views on a misconception that putting more money in the pockets of the wealthy is somehow good for the economy because the tax man benefits??? The fact is the richer the individual and the more cash at their disposal the less tax they can and will ultimately due to creative accounting. I’m not against mp’s being paid properly but where’s the solution for the average man? If you took a steel workers wage in 1911 and applied it now you would also get silly figures. Wtf does 1911 have to do with 2015 politics??

  126. Most people wouldn’t choose to do a job that didn’t pay what they needed. If you want to run the country, then you either accept what you get paid for it and make do, like everyone else has to, or get out.

  127. It has nothing to do with him being a Tory, he made his own million’s, labour’s Tony Blair made millions out of being the prime minister, both are greedy and ignorant regardless of political views.

  128. If you can’t afford a family don’t have one or change jobs just like the people you are supposed be serving.

  129. I would love to live off £67000 a year instead of the £20000 I earn now! They are all thieving scumbags who are in parliament for what they can get out of it for themselves

  130. What a comment and utter fucking wanker give me some your money I work 3 jobs to keep my family afloat what an ultimate nob

  131. Sadly he is my MP. On the one occasion that I sought his help he was a complete waste of space. Unfortunately however there is little chance of a Tory being ousted as MP for the Royal Borough.

  132. Dorothy Langman says:

    Don’t get me started…. It is not impossible to raise a family on £67,000~ many do it on far less! You mate are a contemptible t***! MP’s are stirring the pot as it is~ so my advice to Mr Afriyie is to p*** off back to #LaLa Land.

  133. Put all MP’s on minimum wage and then see them do their job knowing if someone could pay them less they would..

    I hate anyone who bitches that they cant raise a family on more than £25,000 these people dont know how to use their money properly.

  134. how much would you guys want for helping to run the country and having every aspect of your personal life put up for scrutiny in the public domain?

    “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

    Winston Churchill

  135. Dirty rotten greedy ignorant selfish blueblood thieving evil snobbish poisonous leeching scumbag bastard!!!

  136. Dirty rotten greedy ignorant selfish blueblood thieving evil snobbish poisonous leeching scumbag bastard!!!

  137. Gerry Ramsden says:

    The average wage of a worker in 1910 was approx £150 pa Mps allowance in total,wage and expenses was £400 PA. uSING THE FUZZY TORY logic the payment for MPS should be Approx £ 78,000. Average wage £26500.

    What this shows is the aspirant MP is only in touch with fat cat bosses. It also illustrates that the wages fro MPS are already about what there historic levels were

  138. Hi what about the basic pension that’s not a living wage so how do you think there living these politicians are only looking after them self in the ant hills of London not England Wales or Ireland London is a little island of its own Look how much gets spent in London we get second hand London buses they get new ones they get billions to spend what do are council get to look after are towns their’s a big difference between billions and millions make your county councillors work for their money never mind there’s no money in the pot London find it .

  139. If £67,000 is apparently still too little to raise a family, I’d be interested to hear what Mr Afriyie thinks the minimum wage should be, and why. How about he at least acknowledges the fact that most jobs in this country pay about a quarter of the current MP salary, next time he speaks on this topic?

  140. I agree with him, why don’t we make the minimum yearly wage for everyone £225,000 then we can all live happily? Or is he just thinking of himself? Mmmm

  141. Puppet has no value of money -never did a job -never forget Jeffery Archer “the Crook” who tax evaded and did time “writing” and making Millions back -DON’T THINK HE LOST ANYTHING IN THE END !! Crime pays it seems !!

  142. sounds pretty reasonable to me MPs should be paid a similar amount to a doctor, or mid sized company exec considering the responsibility they have. As it is pretty much any senior MP would be paid double what they are on in a private sector job.

  143. I wonder how many MPs, senior or otherwise. Fred knows? But I could support the idea of a £225,000 salary for MPs if their numbers were reduced by three-quarters or, perhaps, two-thirds. When I look at TV broadcasts of Parliament there don’t seem to be very many in the Chamber even for important debates even though they pile in for the PMQs circus. They cannot all be in committees. I think we have more MPs now than we did before the European Parliament started passing much of the legislation affecting us; and more than before the Scottish Parliament and Welsh Assemblies were established. What do they all do that makes people like the Windsor MP feel poorly rewarded? In most jobs you have to turn up and work if you expect to be paid.

  144. So sad, absolute victims of austerity these poor MPs!!! I know, how bout we sanction ur monthly wages everytime ur 2 mins late for work, or we could strip you of you education (in an ideal world) put u in the dole queue an watch u try and crawl out! Now that would make an interesting benefits documentary!! Gobshite!

  145. What a joke me and my husband manage to raise our family on about £22000 a year and there are 6 of us we also manage to go on holiday in the summer I think he shouldn’t be a member of Parliament anymore it’s people like him who give the government a bad name and it’s about time that the government realised we as tax payers are sick of paying for them to live the high life while we struggle to live on crappy low wages with bills and other things on the rise .

  146. I searched for a response that wasnt from a low earning jealous prick but got bored so skipped to the end to tell you about it.

  147. arthur dailey says:

    at least nigel farage would have a pint with the normal people like us,this berk is a pint sized idiot !,VOTE UKIP.

  148. I am not surprised that only a third of the population vote. The candidates from the main parties are all from the same place. They are people who have never had to worry about the gas bill. It is time for change. The likes of Blair, Cameron, clegg, Milliband etc, have had their day. People are sick of rich bastards ruining the economy and expecting the lower paid to bail them out. In the eyes of our rulers we are idiots that vote the same party (what ever its name) back in every time. We need to open our eyes.

  149. No doubt this will cause a few responses. But if you wish to attract the best people to lead this country then we do need to pay them competitive rates, so that they are not lost to the city businesses. Also the PM earns less than the head of quite a few public services. Surely, as the head of THE public service he should earn the most of them all??

    As for the vote labour comments, you obviously have forgotten how this country got into such a mess financially; LABOUR! Have you forgotten the note left by labour, they spent all of the money, left us with crippling debt, they are the ones who ruined us and now you want them back in to do it all over again. You cannot have that short a memory, labour will ruin us all.

  150. stephen docker says:

    £67,000 is equal to 17 years 9 months single persons Job Seekers Allowance. Need i say more?


  152. cancer sufferer says:

    Why not try it on the benefits the tories have reduced for those with a real illness, and what is best they even re-assessed me to see if I really did have secondary cancer – just because I have lived longer than the specialist estimated!! Life long conservative voter changed the moment they came into power and slowly took away benefits from us! Now my children will never vote for them now either.

  153. cancer sufferer says:

    PS labour did not cause the crash. Financial institutes and greed caused the world wide crash – was and is not just this Country peeps!

  154. From the moment I read that “almost impossible to operate on” had been reported as “impossible to live on” I lost all respect for this site. Take a step back, listen to the interview and form your own opinion. Don’t be manipulated.

  155. Wow…. Absolutely clueless! Family of 4, working full time hours and we don’t earn £67,000 a year but we scrape by! Try living on the average middle class wage and see how long it lasts you! Pure helmet.

  156. Some of the comments people have made are truly part of the problem with this country. My understanding is that this particular MP stated that he decided to take no expenses whatsoever and my understanding is that he became a self-made millionaire through running his own businesses. So please tell me what is the problem with that? It seems to me that a lot of people here are simply jealous of a guy that has made his money and now is talking truth and reality in an open and honest way. The fact is £67k per year if you’ve got a family is not a great deal of money, but for sure; if you’re only pulling minimum wage then it may seem like all the money in the world. All I would say is be careful how the media would like to manipulate those on a lot less to resent or even hate those on a lot more, without any regard of how those on a lot more got a lot more!! Certain elements would like us to become a nation of envious hateful jealous people with nothing better to do than slag off and bad mouth those with more than us, rather than perhaps find out this guys story and strategy that took him from a council estate in south London to a multi-millionaire business man!!! And also remember that the vast majority of wealthy business people in the UK are self-made and many came form so-called “deprived backgrounds”, and pulled themselves up from the bottom; and this guy sounds like one of them so good luck to him and his family. His self-made wealth takes nothing away from what the rest of us can achieve, or how much we have in our pockets right now. The haters need to stop hating because no matter how much you hate your position will not improve. The fact that this guy is a politician doesn’t really bother me, as I am not waiting to be led by any man nor a bunch of strangers who rock up to an old building in central London every now and then to shout at each other because they have no idea and are not going improve my life or my family’s life. I MUST DO THAT MYSELF…..I already do and I will continue to do so, as should we all as much as it is within our power to do so. For all the angry people that actually listened to his interview; why not email him and ask him for tips how to become financially successful, I am going to right now….

    Be well…be happy…stop hating


  157. Leigh Breckles says:

    I believe he has completely forgotten that MPs are public servants, therefore should be working for and in the best interest of the public.
    Expenses must be justified and they are not for taking his children skiing or having polo lessons.
    Why should he deserve more money, when they are ALL running this country into the ground, than a nurse or teacher.

  158. Northern monkey says:

    Tell him to ask his tory mate I D Smith how to do it on £53 a week then with all that spare money he has he can pay all the expenses he claims from us

  159. I live on jsa and St the end of the month it’s a choice of do I use had to cook snd heat my flat or eat I can’t do both come try living on it oh wait channel 4 did a documentary some time ago where a mber of the government was to live in s council house on the same dole money guess what he quit after 4 days saying I can’t do it and s month later said people on the unemployment get too much money what a bunch of utter cunts

  160. I Agree ! EQUAL PAY FOR ALL. NOT just for Greedy MP’s.British Workers will Finally be paid what they deserve and are worth.

  161. Linda Bridges says:

    It’s impossible to live on nothing ask any woman who expected to receive a pension at 60 and then are told to wait another 6 years.

  162. Reading some of the comments here you’d be forgiven for thinking many had read the headline (which is absurdly sensationalist) and not actually listened to the interview. His point is that MPs get a basic salary of around £67k and then top it up from expenses and other budgets. At the moment they can claim for accommodation costs, office costs, staffing costs etc. The budget allowance made by IPSA per MP is far in excess of the £225k figure he was bandying about. His argument, is to *reduce* the amount of money available to MPs and to get rid of the absurd fallacy of the expenses system altogether, which is only kept in place to keep most people labouring under the impression we pay our MPs £67k a year.

    In complaining about his wage etc. many of the commenters above are simply reinforcing why politics is run on public perception and change is rarely based on good solid evidence of what might actually *work*. Oh and of course ensuring that politics is only for the rich…

  163. THEY are not over worked but their are over paid for the lack of work they don’t do GREEDY man wish we all had that kind of money to bring up our family’s when we have to live on peanuts if we our lucky to get any money at all with these CONS in power

  164. Wages in Bracknell (average) £18,000 – £30,000…. I live in Bracknell and I know that the £30,000 is a very high end…. there are people working 40-50 hour weeks being paid £20,000 a year and they are still having to go cap in hand to food banks and local churches to help with Gas and electric…. This MP, is no different to a lot of conservative MP’s who want as much as they can get for themselves. £76,000 for being an MP, plus all the expenses they are allowed to claim, allowances for second homes, travel, overnight stays, Always in expensive Hotels, why not book into a travel lodge/premier inn style hotel… come on be reasonable. You are taking the P*SS out of the hardworking class here. ONLY PROBLEM IS PEOPLE FORGET THIS AND DON’T VOTE THESE PEOPLE OUT. Only have OURSELVES TO BLAME…. Sorry rant over

  165. Can’t afford to live off on £ 67,000 you wanna try and live on £230 every 2 weeks mate with a family. Bloody disgrace demanding more money to live off on when can easily afford to live on £67,000.That’s the only thing with the govnerment and the rich they are all a greedy bunch when its come to money.

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