If viewed as an expectation game, there can be no question that Miliband triumphed tonight. First up, the lobby:

Miliband lost the exit polls by 54%/46% with Guardian/ICM and 51%/49% with YouGov:

Guardian poll for Sky/Channel 4 debate

But Scrapbook doubts Team Cameron will be cheered much. Here’s why:

ICM tells us that Miliband slaughtered the PM with undecided voters by 56% to 30%.

  1. TaxDiscPoster says:

    Now that most of the analysis and spin has been spoken, did last nights #BattleForNumber10 change anyones voting intention?

  2. I’m afraid that those of you who were sucked in by Ed Milliband’s “Hell yes I’m tough enough” diatribe really don’t understand the sort of toughness that a true leader needs. Stabbing your own brother in the back for personal gain does not make him tough, it makes him morally bankrupt. If he is prepared to do that to his own family, he will have no compunction about doing it to the rest of the British public. As a Brownite, Milliband has already had one go at destroying our economy and I pray that the Brits wise up to this guy and his cronies and not vote for them in the coming election. I don’t understand the people who say that they don’t know who to vote for. The question is simple. Who do you trust with our economy? The most important issue of this election is the economy and, if we don’t have a strong economy, it doesn’t matter about anything else – NHS – Welfare – Education – Defence etc. because we will not have the money to pay for it.

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