Socialist Chloe Smith

A Conservative MP is so worried about losing her seat that she has resorted not only to plagiarising Labour Party branding for a letter to left-leaning constituents — but suggesting that she is “a Socialist”.

Norwich North MP Chloe Smith (of Newsnight defenestration fame) quotes from a January letter to the  Norwich Evening News:

Chloe Smith claiming to be a socialist

But before resigning to concentrate on shoring up her majority, Comrade Smith was actually Tory minister in the Treasury and Cabinet Office. Measures she has supported since being elected include:

  • Implementing the socialist Gagging Bill (as minister in Cabinet Office)
  • Implementing socialist cuts to working tax credits (as minister in HMT)
  • The socialist Bedroom Tax
  • A socialist rise in VAT to 20%
  • Socialist tax cuts for millionaires

Outlandish isn’t the word.

  1. Is this woman related to my MP Richard Fuller? I keep getting crap through my letterbox in Bedford telling me what wonders he’s done for his constituents. Err – how can that be, as you have been an absolute toady and voted for everything your party has put forward for five years? Cognitive dissonance Mr Fuller?

  2. Angelo Mazzeo says:

    Utterly shameless. They think voters are stupid and that only their rich friends are worthy of respect so it’s no wonder they lie to us without a second thought.

  3. In August 2013 she was criticised by transparency campaigners for blocking the identification of civil servants and public sector bodies responsible for £77m of flights booked through the Government Procurement Service.
    She’s a Tory, what else should we expect?

  4. She voted against penalties for corporate tax avoidance.

    She also voted against protecting whistle blowers from being arrested under the official secrets Act 1989 when they expose historical child abuse.

    She toed the party line on every tory vote. Typical self serving puppet looking after her rich paedophile chums.

  5. Chloe has not much to say about Norwich in 90, or the faltering economic figures of late, her frantic leaflet drops are in desperation, just as Ms Asato does not like to talk about Labour peer Greville Janner, accused of multiple paedophilia, in fact, nobody in Labour wants to mention this abominable bending of the law to save the establishments bare backside,. an outrageous state of affair.
    Meanwhile our unbiased, fair and impartial (retching noises) BBC, in a show of shared desperation, gives disproportional special airtime to the whinny voice of Nick Clegg, addressing his new voters for as long as he can get away with it, (Radio4 Today 05/05/15), the much abused Conservatives of Sheffield Hallam, who must wonder whatever happened to their mandate, ensuring that the call up of Tory central office is heard loud and clear, vote for Nick Clegg.

    The Lib Dems have less members than the Green Party or UKIP, so what do these disproportional transmissions mean? whose agenda is the BBC following? We are being manipulated SOMETHING ROTTEN, we are subjected to a fraudulent unfair and disproportional electoral system and these scoundrels use it, rather than loose it? So, what’s news?
    News is that there are the SNP and the Greens to vote for…:)

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