Green Party green tie fundraiser

The Green Party has been forced to axe a planned fundraising dinner after news of the event on Scrapbook caused a revolt amongst grassroots members. With their own youth wing launching a petition against demands for a “minimum donation of £1,000” to attend the champagne-fuelled fundraiser, the party’s executive has apparently cancelled the plan — replacing the event with one for which tickets are allocated by lottery.

With cash-for-access suggestions of an “opportunity to talk directly to leading figures in the Green Party on our agenda” going down like a pint of sick with members, a spokesperson told movement blog Bright Green:

“After feedback from our membership, supporters and donors, the Green Party Executive decided not proceed with this event.  Instead there will be equal opportunity for all donors of the Breakthrough Appeal to be one of 150 who will join our leadership and candidates for a ‘Wear Something Green thank you event’.

Meanwhile the Young Greens’ press officer said:

“I’m incredibly glad that the party has decided to make this change. The original event was a clear error of judgement, and for it to have gone ahead would not have been acceptable.

The original tickets were twice as expensive as those for the Tories’ reviled Black and White Ball.

Vote Green, Go Blue!

  1. Dave Plummer says:

    I reckon this puts us in a good light. Senior folk tried something, grass roots vetoed it.

    That’s pretty democratic isn’t it? I doubt the grass roots would have such a say in any of the other major parties.

  2. For gods sake scrapbook, you didn’t prompt the membership concerns. People had already raised this issue before you published your story.

    And your ‘vote green go blue’ strapline is ludicrous. Tory and free policies are about as diametrically opposed as they could be.

  3. Carl Packman says:

    Nice try, Plummer. Your guys got caught red (or green) handed. Hypocrisy of this level wouldn’t affect other parties because nobody else is pretending they are whiter (or greener) than white (or green).

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